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Published:September 9th, 2014 12:13 EST

Zombie Breaks Into Woman's House and Bites Her on the Face: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A woman was arrested after breaking into a house, pushing a woman down the stairs, pulling her hair, biting her on the face, saying she was playing `the zombie game`.  


Coos County, Oregon sheriff`s Sgt. Pat Downing says Jessica Rocha of Reedsport broke into the Lakeside home of 37-year-old victim Erica Tate in coastal city of Lakeside early Monday. 

He says Rocha was likely drunk and high."

Daily Mail

I love me some zombies, I can`t get enough of the undead in movies, video games, and other forms of popular entertainment.

But I`m not going to put up with a zombie breaking into my home, and biting me on the face. Any zombie who breaks into my house will get his head blown off; any lawyer worth his salt will make sure I don`t spend a day in jail for killing a zombie in self-defense.

This incident is just a foretaste of the evil that will befall all of us when the dreaded Zombie Apocalypse finally arrives.

Are you ready for the Zombie Apocalypse? Take a good look at Jessica Rocha, and imagine hordes just like her just dying to eat your brains!

Pic of zombie trespasser: