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Published:September 10th, 2014 12:17 EST
APPLE STILL NUMBER ONE! Is Steve Jobs Smiling After Tim Cook`s Presentation Yesterday?

APPLE STILL NUMBER ONE! Is Steve Jobs Smiling After Tim Cook`s Presentation Yesterday?

By John G. Kays

When I checked a Google search for Apple News, I came up with 7,500 articles on the computer company. This made me realize, if I write a short piece on Apple, most likely very few people will see it; stubbornly, I`ll plod forward with this futile spillage of words! If you`d rather read The Wall Street Journal or Forbes` coverage of Tim Cook`s launch of a new delightful array of Apple products, that`s okay by me. 

I`m not going to touch on the technical features mentioned in Cook`s presentation, `cuz you have millions of places you can go to pick-up on that dazzling and mind-blowing information. Rather, I`ll just mention a few impressions, coming more in the way of a philosophical to historical perspective, that might be described as a Nostradamus-like take on this matter (keep staring at the Apple Logo with one bite taken out until you channel happiness and enlightenment!) I promise, I Dream of Jeanie is right around the corner (Barbara Eden included).

I don`t believe my nerves have calmed down yet, as I watched Apple`s stock gyrate up and down (during Tim Cook`s presentation). I was catching a bite at Whole Foods, when I checked the stock price (every minute on my iphone, of course). At one time the price was up 4 1/2 points; since I own 100 shares, that meant I was up $450. Later, I found out this peak occurred right as Tim mentioned the Apple Watch. 

However, once he told us it wouldn`t be out until next year, along with the fact you`ll need a newer iphone to use, the stock plunged precipitously! In hindsight, I think most people consider this move as a smart one. First you may get the iphone 6 Plus, then you follow up with an Apple Watch afterwards; this ties in the products and guarantees the purchase of both, still allowing you to have different reasons for owning each of the devices (getting the Apple Watch may be more of a fashion statement, which is a good enough reason for me).

While these monumental events unfolded yesterday, which speaks more about the future, and spent some of my time thinking about the past. I read a few passages in Walter Isaacson`s incredible biography, Steve Jobs. I made a point to review the part when Jobs introduced the Macintosh in 1984. This was the defining moment, a sweeping revolution in the personal computer that changed THINGS forever! 

Tim Cook equaled Jobs yesterday: two models of the iphone 6 (I`ll get the Plus myself), Apple Watch with three different models, and then the game changer, Apple Pay. This will reduce credit card fraud, not increase it!  How can crooks get your fingerprint (don`t go there!)? Well, it sounds like itunes will become our new PayPal (I`m buying so many tunes anyhow, I`m already trained on how this is going to work). Is Apple still slapping Big Brother in the face, or rather, are they taking his place? I think it`s the former...