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Published:September 11th, 2014 10:38 EST

Cops Found Suspect Asleep When They Answered Burglary Call

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Sarasota County Sheriff`s deputies say they found a sleeping suspect when they answered a burglary call Monday.


A cleaning woman called for help Monday when she discovered a man inside her client`s home in Nokomis, Florida.

Dion Davis was sound asleep with a bag of stolen jewelry lying next to him on the bed, according to the sheriff`s office."


On some jobs you can afford to fall asleep, I`ve had some boring jobs in my life, and more than once I`ve nodded off staring at a computer screen. But if you`re a brain surgeon, a tightrope artist or a burglar you can`t afford to sleep on the job.

Davis was so knocked out that he didn`t even wake up when the cops starting taking photographs.

If a burglar falls asleep at the crime scene obviously he doesn`t have a tinge of guilt or regret. This moron should be sentenced to a long prison term, maybe a few sleepless nights worrying if he`s going to get raped by his cellie, might persuade him to consider a legitimate profession.

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