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Published:September 12th, 2014 13:52 EST
In the Austin Police Shooting of Robbery Suspect, Tyler Caraway, Why Are We Hearing Two Conflicting Versions ?

In the Austin Police Shooting of Robbery Suspect, Tyler Caraway, Why Are We Hearing Two Conflicting Versions ?

By John G. Kays

What`s a true account of how 24-year-old robbery suspect, Tyler Caraway, was shot and killed by law enforcement officers (literally, the Central Texas Violent Task Force), early Monday evening (in the 13700 block of Maye Place, in North Austin)? I wish I could tell you, since what I`m hearing so far, amounts to two entirely different, diametrically opposite stories, that are conflicting to its fullest extreme! The way the police tell it, Tyler Caraway got out of his car, pulled a gun, and straight away, started firing; they merely were retaliating or defending themselves. 

At the polar opposite end of this cops and robbers, dubious chronicle, is a version given by Tyler`s roommate, Jessica Schoonover, who was actually in the vehicle pulling into the driveway of the house they shared (scene takes place on Monday, September 8th, just before 7:00 PM). Jessica has told reporters emphatically, Tyler never even made it out of his car, since he`d already been shot to ribbons! Moreover, Ms Schoonover never even actually saw Tyler`s gun, mentioned by this cabal of lawmen (even the FBI is represented).

Okay, so you and I are as confounded as is possible! That`s no big deal, it happens all the time; we just went through this with Ferguson, which still isn`t straightening out, but now this troubling stuff has arrived in Austin. This is where I live, so I don`t have a good excuse for not paying the crime scene a visit (I`ll make a point of fulfilling this very promise over the weekend).

I should point out, however, local news services (KXAN, KVUE, and AAS) have already provided me with a lot to work with in this case (the story`s only a few days old). KVUE reporter, Shannon Murray, was right on the scene the day after the shooting (September 9th) and had a chance to do a thorough interview with Jessica Schoonover, who comes across as completely honest; to me, she seems sincere and transparent (she`s not trying to hide anything), in the details of the story she`s telling. 

Too, one minor detail caught my eye; Maye Place (near Interstate 35 and Howard Lane, just east of Metric Boulevard-KVUE) is secluded and rural (this fact helps in clouding the picture a wee bit more). Obviously, one of these two parties is fudging on the truth!

Just yesterday, the Travis County Sheriff`s Office identified the officers who did the actual shooting. Two of them are Austin Police detectives; they are Scott Glasgow (you`ll want to study Scott`s history) and Phillip Hogue. A third officer can be added to these first two: Round Rock Police detective, Shawn Scott

First of all, how many shots were fired? And secondly, what party is going to determine this? As you might see, if it`s just the Austin Police doing a second check on their initial reports, this amounts to an overt conflict of interest (duh!).

Another thing piquing my curiosity is, where`s Tyler`s gun? Why haven`t they displayed it to the press (who`ve been all over the scene like white on rice)? Again, since Jessica Schoonover seems to have known Tyler Caraway fairly well (this point will need some more development), why is it she didn`t know of his criminal activities, such as this robbery, which was the object of the task force`s warrant for arrest?

And what about this friend of Caraway`s, Andrew Stratmann, who is having trouble seeing Tyler discharge a firearm at police officers? (Austin American Statesman) This implies to me, he knew enough about Tyler`s personality or character traits, to size him up in such a way, as to conclude, he is incapable of this type of nefarious criminal behavior. 

Of course, Stratmann could be making the wrong call call here, but still, what he`s saying tends to get corroborated by what Jessica`s been saying, whose version of this chilling event is a 180 degree pie in the face to what the police are stating.

And why is the task force so secretive about the alleged robbery committed by Caraway? Why not make it public? Did he hit a bank? Where and when was this robbery committed? How much money did he get away with? Were their several eye-witnesses who literally saw him do it? 

Is it possible, once again, that police officers got trigger happy and are now trying to cover it up? Last of all, who was Tyler Caraway? Did he lead a double life?