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Published:September 13th, 2014 12:01 EST

Man Kills Ex-Girlfriend's Dog and Feeds It to Her

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A California man is behind bars after allegedly killing his ex-girlfriend`s dog  then cooking the poor Pomeranian and feeding it to her without her knowledge. Ryan Eddy Watenpaugh, 34, of Palo Cedro, was arrested Thursday on animal cruelty and other charges after he served up the sick revenge dish over the weekend, police said, and later taunted his ex in a text message."


NBC News

A little background:

The tiny pooch went missing after the woman and her sadistic boyfriend got into a verbal argument that escalated into a physical assault.

The foolish woman reconciled with her abusive boyfriend, and the end result is that he killed her dog. A woman, who puts up with a physically abusive boyfriend or spouse, is not only putting her life at risk, but also her loved ones.

Watenpaugh told the unnamed woman that the meal was pork, but he later sent her a text message asking her how her dog tasted.

A pair of severed dog`s paws was later left on her doorstep, it appears Watenpaugh really served the dog to his girlfriend.

I hope a righteous jailbird will kick Watenpaugh in the nuts so hard, it will render him impotent and incapable of fathering any children.  

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