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Published:September 21st, 2014 14:25 EST

Mystery at UFO Mecca Roswell: Men Involved in Car Crash Wake Up in Donkey Field

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The two men, who admitted they had been drinking, woke up several miles from their vehicle and with no memory of how they got there


Two men are at the centre of a baffling mystery after they disappeared from the scene of a serious car crash outside America`s UFO capital - only to reappear seven hours later, several miles away, in a field of donkeys.

The unidentified men, who admitted to police they had been drinking, rolled their car around 2am on Friday outside the town of Roswell synonymous with aliens and UFOs."

The Mirror

The two gentlemen rolled their vehicle into the median of US 70 West, but when the cops showed up they didn`t find anyone at the scene.

The two men reappeared seven hours later, several miles away, in a field of donkeys. Of course, the biggest jackasses in that filed were the two drunken dudes.

The inebriated fellows had a lot of "splaining to do to the cops, leaving the scene of an accident is no laughing matter. They told the cops that they had no idea how they ended up in a donkey field, miles away from the scene of the accident. Let`s cut them some slack for coming up with such a lame excuse, they were drunk!

If this incident had happened in any town other than Roswell, folks would have speculated that the gentleman wanted to have a close encounter of the third kind with each other, and sought privacy in a donkey field.

Since this accident occurred in Roswell everyone is speculating that UFO`s were somehow involved. Enough with the UFO tomfoolery, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and sometimes two stupid drunk guys are just that, and not victims of extraterrestrial aliens with a nefarious agenda.

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