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Published:September 21st, 2014 09:59 EST

Pure Genius: Marijuana-laced Pizzas! God Bless America!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Stoned Oven Gourmet Pizzas is making marijuana-laced pizza. You can get a pizza topped with cheese, pepperoni, vegetables and have some marijuana baked right in. 


Each six-inch pizza contains 250 mg of ethanol-extracted tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as THC concentrate, or the stuff that gets you high. 

The company says its products are available at medical marijuana dispensaries in Hollywood, the San Fernando Valley, Westwood and Upland. You can view a full list of dispensaries on the Stoned Oven Gourmet Pizza website. Each pizza is $10."

Los Angeles Times

You must have a valid medical marijuana card to get the pizza, but if you do, you can get the magical marijuana pizza delivered right to your door. What a great country! Fight fascism and terrorism and order a marijuana-laced pizza.

A marijuana-laced pizza is a stroke of pure genius, now a stoner doesn`t need to go through the trouble of ripping open a bag of Doritos to sate his munchies. He can sit on the couch watching a Brady Bunch marathon and not have to move for hours.

If you want to throw the Mother of all Parties, the Stoned Oven Gourmet Pizza caters  -- not sure if they will check to see if all the party people in the house have a valid medical marijuana card.

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