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Published:September 23rd, 2014 16:10 EST

Kansas Dubs October 'Zombie Preparedness Month'! Are You Ready for Zombie Apocalypse?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The Kansas of Division of Emergency Management said October will be "Zombie Preparedness Month` to help residents prepare for the undead and other disasters.


The department said Gov. Sam Brownback will sign a proclamation Sept. 26 designating October as `Zombie Preparedness Month.`

Devan Tucking of the Kansas of Division of Emergency Management said the zombie theme is a means of encouraging Kansas residents to be ready for a number of potential real-life emergency scenarios."


Tens of thousands of tree huggers, environmental activists and global warming alarmists marched through Manhattan on Sunday, warning that climate change is destroying Mother Earth.

Climate Change is #1,001 on my list of things to worry about; these are just some of the more pressing matters: Islamist jihad against America and the West, Ebola epidemic, AIDS, unemployment, racism, high price of gasoline, need for comprehensive immigration reform, Obama`s corrupt administration, Miley Cyrus`s crusade to destroy the fabric of America and of course the Zombie Apocalypse.

Kudos to Governor Sam Brownback for having his priorities in order, Halloween when we celebrate The Day of the Dead  or Halloween is the perfect month to designate as "Zombie Preparedness Month."

If you`re equipped to face the undead you are ready for any emergency including hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados and beating the hell out of Al Gore and his legions of deluded global warming followers.

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