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Published:September 23rd, 2014 14:46 EST
Why Do We Dare Link Hannah Graham`s Case To Morgan Harrington`s?

Why Do We Dare Link Hannah Graham`s Case To Morgan Harrington`s?

By John G. Kays

Recent developments in Hannah Graham`s missing persons` case in Charlottesville, Virginia are reason for pause, both in regard to older cold cases of missing or murdered women (that suddenly are not so cold anymore), and as far as what we may be aware of in conjunction to a person of interest in Hannah`s disappearance, a 32-year-old African American, Jesse Matthews. 

First of all, these cases are not necessarily connected, but it certainly doesn`t hurt any to dust off some these old ones and put them under a microscope once again, conceivably with a fresher perspective. I`m gradually getting around to doing just that, after seeing in the news, references to Morgan Harrington and other cases, equally as shocking as Morgan`s (although hers has garnered the most attention)

Last night, after reviewing the Wikipedia entry on Morgan Harrington (I`m familiar with the case, but needed to brush up a bit), a slightly eerie intuitive flash came over me, although it may`ve been a false siren only, or a harpy that whispers careless lies in your ear.

In just a moment I`ll tell you what that little flash, that lightening bolt of intelligence is, that mysteriously channeled through my circuit-board yesterday evening; but first let me mention how this sagacious sleuthing was made possible. 

As is normal for me, I was tuning in HLN`s Jane Velez Mitchell last night, when lo and behold, come to find out Jane was covering the Hannah Graham case, which is not too surprising, since the suspect (that`s what I call him), Jesse Matthews is currently on the lam, supposedly avoiding two counts of reckless driving, with a big fat warrant out for his arrest (probably by now you`ve seen the wanted flyers).

I recorded the show, so I have several photos of Jesse indelibly imprinted on my withering brain. Furthermore, Jane did a telephone interview with Gil and Dan Harrington, as well as with Courteney Stuart, a journalist who did the best articles on Morgan Harrington`s case. As Jane talked with Courteney, one particular photo of Jesse Matthews flashed across the screen; this earlier pic of a person of interest, has him thinner, with short hair (before the dreadlocks), apparently when he was making a living by driving a Yellow Cab.

Alright, so I know by now you`re sitting on the edge of your seat in anticipation of my startling soothsayer revelation, culled from some serious examination of sundry available information. Okay, so it may be be nothing at all, and I guess I ought to confess, I`ve been through True Detective, Season One twice already, and something of the Wonder Child, Rust Cohle has rubbed off on me a tidbit. 

So I`m looking at the police sketch of the (conjured) suspect in Morgan Harrington`s case, then I stare at the Yellow Cab pic, then back to the twin sketch; thus, back over to a huskier, thinner, younger Matthews and continue, repeating this comparison process; Bingo!, a sick yet incriminating sensation invades my inner core

Alright, so Jesse`s lips are considerably thicker than the artist rendering is, but that could be because the rape victim couldn`t remember that feature so clearly, when advising the police artist, under duress as they were. Although, I will say, the noses were very close! They have DNA (from 2009), so we anxiously await the forensic reports; and after the seizures at his apartment, along with the confiscation of that bomb, a 1998 burnt orange Chrysler coupe, maybe they can compare it to evidence in Morgan`s case. Okay, one more item...

In Lexington, Virginia we hear of a possible spotting of someone resembling the Morgan Harrington suspect, that is rather, a look alike to this aforementioned creepy sketch, that`s been circulating for quite a few years. If this is real, `cuz we`re not getting a whole heck of a lot of specific data, as far as who saw this phantom, and under what circumstances they caught a gander of him (or how closely he resembled the mesmerizingly frightening sketch), then this fact alone will be the nemesis of my hair-brained theory. 

If I`m proved wrong, I`ll pardon myself in advance, since I know it`s only by testing out our theories, will we be able to apprehend an elusive fugitive we might have, at one time, been able to identify as The Truth

On the other hand, the notion that each of these cases are autonomous, and that each has its own unique culprit, (this should include Hannah Graham`s too), is less probable (to me, at least), than the idea that they`re bound together by one single malignant serial perpetrator, who`s been plying his demonic trade for something like 5 years now. I favor, one man is doing it all!