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Published:September 26th, 2014 10:27 EST

Rapper, 11, Sings About Sister with Down Syndrome: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

Rap isn`t my favorite genre, in fact there are only a couple of rappers that I respect and admire. Within the rap game there are levels of wretchedness; at the very bottom are white rappers like Vanilla Ice whose acts are nothing less than a minstrel show.


The bottom feeders are white pre-teens who post rap videos on YouTube in a transparent attempt to look cute, precocious and snag tween girls.

MattyB, an 11-year-old white rapper`s intentions are pure, he isn`t in it for fame and fortune. The young rapper published a rap version of Cyndi Lauper`s " True Colors," and made a music video starring his sister, Sarah Grace, who has Down syndrome.  

Sarah Grace has been bullied, but MattyB was her to know that he thinks she`s simply awesome.

If you`re like me and you hate rap, I urge you to put aside your distaste for a moment, and watch and like this video.

It may not be a musical milestone, but it`s a strong anti-bullying message and a testament of a brother`s love for his sister.

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