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Published:September 26th, 2014 11:19 EST

Sawmill Owner Sees Jesus in Tree Trunk

By Robert Paul Reyes

"At the Mid-South Sawmilling lumber yard, there was a cut of wood that jumped out to owner Daniel Turbeville.

He said he saw something sacred as he was working and cutting slabs. 


"Talking to a couple of people that work with me,` Turbeville said, "We kind of decided that looked like the depiction of Christ as we know it.`"


Jesus on a toast! Jesus on a pumpkin! Jesus on a piece of wood! Stop the insanity! What`s next, the face of Jesus on a used toilet tissue?

This certainly gives a new meaning to " WWJD." (What Wood Jesus Do)

There is nothing sacred or holy about a piece of wood that bears an image of the Western idea of what Jesus looked like.

Turbeville claims he doesn`t know what he will do with the Jesus wood, Yeah right! Before you can say "there`s a religious sucker born every minute", it will be on sale on eBay!

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How are you this evening?  I just wanted to touch base with you about what has become a bit ridiculous.  The story that was aired on Action News 5 TV in Memphis, TN on September 23rd is what I am referring to.  The story gets farther from the truth with each airing or story written.
During the interview, the journalist showed quite a lot of interest in the purpose of the company and how we get our timber.  We are a timber reclamation company who reaches out to tree companies to collect their logs instead of the logs going to a landfill or being chipped up for mulch. She was interested in the term WE TREECYCLE, and how we are one of a very few urban foresters in this area.  This was until one of my employees mentioned a dream that I had about starting a sawmill and collecting logs from tree companies.  That was basically the end of the conversation about the dream.  NOTE: the dream portion of the interview had nothing about God wanting to show me this log, or any other such stuff.  (I do believe in God and in His direction in people`s lives.  However, not in situations like this.)
The entire story after it was picked up by UPI has been turned into a completely disingenuous fabrication.  I thought the image was unique but in my opinion holds no religious significance.  It is better news than hearing about another shooting in a shopping mall, or another gang shooting that leaves thee kids with no father.

I want to be perfectly clear about one more point!  I have not listed the log on eBay or on any other type of listing trying to sell the log. I HAVE NO PLANS TO DO SO.


Daniel Turbeville 
Mid-South Sawmilling LLC