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Published:September 27th, 2014 09:55 EST

Murata Cheerleaders: Robotic Cheerleaders Precursors of Doom: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Weebles may seem like basic toys now, but in their day they used an impressive weight system based on the laws of physics to "wobble but never fall down.`


To bring this childhood toy into the modern-day, a Japanese firm has created a troop of Weeble-style robotic cheerleaders who dance and move while balancing on a ball.

And thanks to built-in gyroscopes and infrared sensors, the robots perform in perfect synchronicity - but never fall over."

Daily Mail

The Murata robotic cheerleaders may be more fascinating to watch than Olympics synchronized swimmers, but I hope they never replace the well-endowed NFL cheerleaders.

This is how the robot conquest of the world begins: First a Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner, then robot cheerleaders, and tomorrow a robot will be giving you orders at work.

At least the Murata cheerleaders aren`t blond, that would be just too spooky and scary, for children and adults.

I guess we shouldn`t worry about robots taking over, the zombie apocalypse will occur before that happens.

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