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Published:September 29th, 2014 09:09 EST
A Poem: Pieces

A Poem: Pieces

By Ed Roberts



A glass slips through our fingers

Time seems to slow down

As we watch it fall

Hit the floor

And shatter into

A thousand pieces


If we are lucky

It is empty

But most often

This is not the case


We spend the next few moments

Standing in shock

And quickly assessing the damage

Then finally with acceptance

We begin the process

To clean up


No matter our diligence

No matter how many times

We survey the area

We are left sometimes to discover

A remaining shard

With our foot

In the middle of the night

Often in the dark


Sometimes pieces are simply

Left behind


Sarah sits alone at her dining room table

A table that is covered with documents

Pieces of a special life

A life that is no longer

Five years ago

She lost her husband

To cancer

Two years ago

Her daughter was killed in an auto accident

And now

Three days ago

Her granddaughter lost her life

To an accidental overdose

Of pills


Sarah sits alone at the table

And listens

As her great granddaughter plays

In her bedroom close by


I`m seventy-three

She says softly to herself

Please God

Give me the strength

To raise her right



A life breaks

We spend the next few moments

In shock


Time slows down

Sometimes hours

Sometimes days

And sometimes years


We again we find ourselves surrounded by pieces

Pieces we can not discard

Or simply toss away

These are pieces that can not be

Left behind


No matter how painful

We stop everything in our lives

And in the middle of the night

   Often find ourselves asking

How are we ever going to put these priceless pieces

   Back together


Ed Roberts 8/30/14