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Published:September 29th, 2014 14:41 EST

Viral Video: Ohio State Coach Punishes Moron Who Rushes The Field: There is a God!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"When an impulsive fan rushed the Ohio State, Cincinnati football game on Saturday evening, the Buckeyes didn`t need to look much further than their strength and conditioning coach, Anthony Schlegel, for a quick solution. The former wrestler, power-lifter, and linebacker for the Jets and Bengals wasted little time in showing the unsuspecting fan what he was all about: Power. Schlegel`s swift punishment is the stuff of legend and will surely repel any other field-rushing hopefuls."


AOL/Eric Sandler

Fans rushing onto the gridiron/baseball diamond/soccer field in an attempt to steal their 15 minutes of Internet glory have become a disturbing part of the game.

Some TV networks have wised-up and don`t televise the antics of morons who interrupt athletic events, but I hope this video receives wide coverage.

The only way this story could have a better ending is if the fan was rendered permanently crippled by his devastating takedown.

Schlegel deserves a raise for his yeoman`s work in dispatching this creep.

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