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Published:October 1st, 2014 12:33 EST
Wendy Davis Clocks Greg Abbott on the Second Debate!

Wendy Davis Clocks Greg Abbott on the Second Debate!

By John G. Kays

Looking at the latest gubernatorial debate between Wendy Davis and Greg Abbott, perhaps from a distance and only in a general way, the impression I get is Wendy Davis easily outperformed Abbott, even to the extent of knocking him out in the first round, such as Cassius Clay did to Sonny Liston on the second one. Okay, so I watched it twice, which is like two more times than probably most Texans; the problem is, most Texans won`t get to witness the sterling performance put on by Wendy, who really comes to life marvelously on television, just as JFK did back in 1960. If we`re lucky, maybe some of the highlights will make the rounds on the internet, and especially on Facebook, which may be the only way lots of Texans get there news now.The other side of the coin is, Greg Abbott came off as flat, dull, and disinterested; definitely not someone we`ll want around in the Governor`s Mansion, in a command post for the gigantic Lone Star State.

Abbott puts me to sleep, yet Wendy invigorates me and gives me hope again, just like Ann Richards did so many years ago. Abbott is the voice for the same old stale coalition (a cabal of wealthy white males, disinterested in the rest of us), that`s nearly always controlled Texas. Yet the ethnic, cultural, and even racial makeup of Texans ihas been changing dramatically over the past few years. If she wants to win, Wendy needs to tap into these changes; this boils down to getting Hispanics, African Americans, and working class people to stop their apathy, get off the couch, and go place a vote for her. Not doing so, will make it easy for Abbott to win, since nearly all the registered Republicans, who have so much to lose if he doesn`t (since Abbott is a clone of Perry), will definitely be there at their assigned polling locations. It`s very discouraging to look at recent polls on Real Clear Politics, noticing over the past 3 or 4 months, Abbott`s lead hasn`t diminished any!

Davis is on the right side of all the issues for me; standardized tests are not working for Texas students (I was teacher at one time, so I know this argument backwards and forwards), Texas needs the Medicare benefits from the Federal Government, Pro-Choice is right, anybody can marry each other, if they want to, Big Insurance Companies  are gouging we homeowners (Farmers just raised my rates astronomically), abuses of the Texas Enterprise Fund will probably slip past most people, because they are so apathetic (yet, this may be Abbott`s greatest vulnerability, really his Achilles Heel), and we need toleration in immigration policies (remember, Texas was once just a portion of Mexico). Wendy will have to concentrate on getting South Texans to vote, and she can win most of the major cities in Texas, if she can get people out to vote. Although, she`ll have to pull a rabbit out of her bag of tricks; Greg is so dull, I don`t think anybody pays any attention to what he says. Boring Greg ain`t gonna give her a Clayton Williams moment.!