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Published:October 1st, 2014 12:47 EST

Which is More Reprehensible: Statue of Satan, Penguin or Christopher Columbus?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The former home of a mysterious nude Satan statue in Vancouver, British Columbia, is now hosting another piece of unsanctioned art -- a bowtie-clad penguin.


The pedestal near 4th Avenue and Clark Drive, which formerly hosted a statue of Christopher Columbus that was moved to a different location, became the northern habitat Tuesday for a statue of a penguin wearing sunglasses and a bow tie."


This pedestal has now been home to a statue of a sexually aroused Satan, Christopher Columbus and a nattily attired penguin.

Anyone with an ounce of sensitivity would have to agree that the statue of Christopher Columbus is by far the most offensive.

Christopher Columbus was a tyrannical and incompetent ruler who tortured and committed genocide against the native inhabitants of the New World.

Satan has a long way to go to match the crimes of Christopher Columbus who introduced diseases and exploitation to Hispaniola.

The bowtie-clad penguin may not be a piece of city commissioned artwork, but he`s adorable and shouldn`t be removed from his pedestal.

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