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Published:October 2nd, 2014 13:11 EST

Hyenas Fail to Breed, Japanese Zoo Discovers Both are Male

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The Maruyama Zoo in Japan said zookeepers discovered repeated attempts to breed their two spotted hyenas were doomed from the start -- both animals are males.


Kamutori was labeled as a male and Kami a female when they arrived at the Maruyama Zoo and zookeepers were initially encouraged by the pair`s behavior, often cuddling and frolicking together. However, relations between the two animals became frosty in 2012 and they eventually had to be separated in 2014 due to constant fighting.

Experts said the sex of hyenas can be difficult to determine because females can grow psuedo-penises, clitorises that are nearly the same size as a male`s penis."


It`s quite evident that the zookeepers don`t know jack about the birds and the bees, and hyenas for that matter.

This is an intolerable mistake, and heads should roll.

To quote Simon and Garfunkle " It`s all happening at the zoo", but it was never going to happen between two male hyenas.

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