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Published:October 2nd, 2014 18:14 EST

Outrage: Several Reports of Horse Manes & Tails Being Cut and Stolen

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A troubling trend is emerging in Union County. Someone is allegedly cutting and stealing horse manes and tails. The Union County Sheriff`s Office has taken four reports in the last few weeks. The latest incident occurred Monday night along State Route 739 outside of Marysville."





There`s nothing funny about cow tipping or cutting and stealing horse manes and tails.


A cow has an absurd and ridiculous appearance and a horse is a noble and beautiful creature, but both of these animals have been a blessing to humankind and they deserve to be treated with respect.


It`s crueland outright csadistic to cut off a horse`s tail or mane, let`s hope these scumbags are apprehended quickly.


Police say the horse manes and tails are used in wigs and jewelry. Only a fool would wear a wig made out of a horse tail, and only a sorry excuse for a human being would steal a horse tail.


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