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Published:October 3rd, 2014 21:06 EST

Bigfoot Seeker Takes a 'Respectful' and 'Non-threatening' Approach

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Oklahoma Bigfoot seeker (Farlan Huff) said his `non-threatening` and `respectful` approach to the sasquatch has allowed him to get close to legendary creature.


He said the strategy has paid off in a few instances, including a recent night encounter.

There was a voice right in my face. I could have reached right out and touched it if I`d wanted. And it was just in a language I couldn`t understand. It was like, `abba roubla boolla boulla,` Huff said."


Huff makes frequent trips into the woods around the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in search of close encounters with the mythical beast. But it really doesn`t matter if he goes to a forest or a children`s playground in search of Bigfoot, because the big creature exists only in his mind.

The words that Huff attributed to Bigfoot aren`t a language; they are the gibberish of a madman.

If Bigfoot really exists he would make mincemeat out of the respectful and non-threatening Huff, monsters don`t have any more tolerance for kooks than normal human beings.

Huff doesn`t tote a firearm when he looks for Bigfoot, there`s no chance he will shoot a hairy man or a tree trunk he mistakes for the hairy beast.

Huff is a harmless kook, and he`ll die of old age before he runs into Bigfoot or Smokey the Bear.

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