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Published:October 3rd, 2014 13:17 EST
Did Tammy Kingery Commit Suicide or Was She Abducted? Nothing Adds Up!

Did Tammy Kingery Commit Suicide or Was She Abducted? Nothing Adds Up!

By John G. Kays

Tamera Sue Tammy Kingery, a mother of four, went missing on Saturday, September 20th, from what looks like a rural area in Edgefield County, South Carolina. By tomorrow, that would make it two weeks since Tammy walked out of her family house, leaving a note behind as well as her house keys and her cell phone; furthermore, the house was locked. Okay, so apparently she didn`t think to bring her keys along; as such, this is strange behavior on her part, if that`s how it went down. 

 The question pops up, how did she lock the door? Even if she locked it from the inside before she physically makes her exit, one would think she`d bring her house keys along, so as to get back in, once she`d completed her walk (or whatever it was, she was up to). Any way you figure the known information in this missing person`s case, it doesn`t add up to a very clear picture of events unfolding; it`s obvious that a great deal of background data hasn`t quite made its way to surface yet.

My initial instincts are urging me in the direction of a foul play scenario; this theory is, I believe, in line with what others (family, friends, or investigators) much closer to the story are sensing (I just heard about Tammy Kingery`s disappearance on HLN last night). What about the idea she went into the woods and committed suicide, possibly using pills? 

Okay, so we hear she may have had a history of depression and had previously used anti-depressants; this particular part of it could use a bit more definition or reporting by the local media, since it likely will shed more light on a suicide scenario, either accepting or rejecting this postulate. What, for example, did investigators find in regard to pill bottles left behind, or alternatively speaking, pill bottles missing from recent prescriptions? 

And what doctors were writing these prescriptions (I don`t believe in these types of drugs, so that`s some kind of disclosure for you). Tammy`s father, Phillip Russell, doesn`t think she committed suicide, although she may have been unhappy, since the rescue parties haven`t been able to find her, in a 10 mile radius of dense woods (or is for the fact the woods are so dense, makes it impossible to find her).

The strongest reason for feeling suspicious, arguing the case for foul play, while other clues fall down in the ranks to second and third place (like the keys, the cell phone, and the locked door), is the casual note left behind (or is it despairing in tone): Going for a walk, be back soon, love you.  Well, first off, I wonder whether it was Tammy who wrote that note?

 I suppose, some serious handwriting analysis will be taking place shortly; still, has there been any preliminary analysis? Most people`s cursory handwriting is easily identifiable, asociated with one individual, almost like DNA. Not always, of course; the criminal in the case of Jon-Benet Ramsey was very crafty in disguising their handwriting. Was it Patsy all along? That`s a puzzler which won`t get solved anytime soon! 

And who leaves a note behind when they`re going for a walk *(Or is it a last walk?)? Her family said Tammy would text a lot, not leave notes *(probably a good clue the note was a fake). And are we getting the straight up and up from the husband, Park Kingery? I`m hearing, most people are not suspecting him of any wrong-doing. 

The only misgiving I`m having, is Park doesn`t seem all that bent out of shape about Tammy`s sudden disappearance. Okay, maybe that`s just how he comes across on TV, containing his emotions, or possibly suppressing them. Yet nothing makes sense here, so it`s back to the beginning of what we can determine; why does Holly Bobo`s case from a few years ago keep reverberating through my mind?