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Published:October 6th, 2014 11:07 EST

Woman Hides Heroin Under Her Prosthetic Butt

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Massachusetts woman is facing narcotics charges after police discovered heroin and painkillers hidden underneath a prosthetic derrière enhancement that the suspect told cops she wore because,  `I don`t have a butt.`


Following a traffic stop last month in Buzzards Bay, police arrested Jill Roy, 33, when a bag containing various pills fell from her pants leg as she was standing near a patrol car, according to a police report."

The Smoking Gun

Talk about a woman having junk in her trunk ...

Some women who don`t have a nice butt are blessed with an attractive face, but Jill Roy is butt-ugly.

Some folks may think I shouldn`t criticize a woman`s physical appearance, but if she traffics in hard-core drugs, and her mug shot goes viral online  -- she`s fair game.

This perp has a rap sheet longer than her arm; I hope the criminal justice system is tougher on her than I was.

Pic of the butt-challenged criminal:

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