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Published:October 7th, 2014 13:25 EST
Has Jesse Matthews Been on a Serial Rampage of Rape and Murder for More Than a Decade?

Has Jesse Matthews Been on a Serial Rampage of Rape and Murder for More Than a Decade?

By John G. Kays

I`m referring to the credible suspect in Hannah Graham`s disappearance, Jesse Matthews, when I say investigators in various counties throughout the State of Virginia, have their hands full when taking another look at various cold cases, with the idea this currently dreadlocked character (he`s a bit scary to behold) may have been on a serial rampage for a good number of years. 

I`m trying to rap my mind around this bigger picture, as it becomes clearer and clearer to me this is exactly what happened, I`ve convinced myself; although, trying to fit the pieces of the puzzle together in an orderly way is a sizable task, to say the least.

I`m convinced, however, the Morgan Harrington part of the tie-in has been solved with DNA and a very close likeness (of JM) to a police sketch, which I was able to put together before it was announced (the forensic connection, which is a triangular connection, from a 2005 unidentified rape victim to Morgan`s remains, then, in turn, to this Graham suspect).

It boggles your mind! You know it`s true, but still you can hardly believe it`s so; moreover, you know there are quite a few more victims, but you don`t hardly know where to begin. This is confusing to a lay person, but it makes you feel a little better when you realize detectives in multiple jurisdictions have been baffled, probably for more than a decade!

One problem I`m having is, there aren`t a lot of news organizations attempting to dig into this larger story, which covers quite a bit of time and different cities in Virginia; for now, I guess CNN is the only news outlet attempting an uncovering of this mystery which has functioned as a curse plaguing Virginia for about 5 years now.

 Anyway, I`d like to thank CNN journalists, Jean Casarez and Randy Kaye, since they`re on the ground there in Virginia unveiling some of the connections to Matthews, that will require thorough probes, by both the police and by nosy investigative journalists (a check and balance relationship, I think)

The two most obvious cities and colleges associated with the suspect, are Lynchburg and Liberty University, and then we have Newport News and Christopher Newport University, we`ll need to take a careful look at.

One observation I will be so bold as to point out, is that at the time Jesse was accused of raping women (2002 and 2003), the authorities were okay with letting him go (then he was free to do it again). 

No doubt, you`re probably wondering about this lax treatment he got; would it be safe to say, once he realized he could get away with it, he simply escalated his crimes to the extent he turned into a serial rapist at first, then graduated to the big leagues of serial murder, not unlike Ted Bundy

Yea, I know, Jesse`s no Teddy, but still he managed to slip under the radar of nearly everyone; even knowing some witnesses had seen him commit sexual assault in bars where college girls hung out, still nothing was done about it. He probably thought he was invincible! What about this bright brainstorm I just had? 

When the Fairfax sketch was produced, tying a 2005 rape to Morgan Harrington (2009), Jesse thought to grow those hideous-looking dreadlocks, once it dawned on him the sketch exactly captured him! Okay, add the dreadlocks, and it differs a bit more, I believe you`ll agree. But for the life of me, I don`t understand why school officials and the Lynchburg Police didn`t suspect Jesse of being Morgan Harrington`s killer, once they saw the sketch? Didn`t they flashback to 2002 and 2003? I guess not.

Alright, so these new pieces posted by CNN are adding on quite a few more cases I haven`t ever even looked at. There`s Cassandra Morton in Lynchburg in November of 2009; nonetheless, I don`t feel too good about the two Virginia Tech students in 2009 also, Heidi Childs and David Metzler. A gun was used in these homicides, which doesn`t sound too much like Matthews` MO

However, I just heard of these two cases from 2003, in Newport News, and I`m getting a bad feeling that these may be the work of the Gentle Giant we`re beginning to know; these are Autumn Wind Day, last seen July 24th, 2003, and Sophie May Rivera, last seen September 7th, 2003. I believe it`s accurate to say, Jesse was there during these times, attending Christopher Newport University; did he kill these girls? 

And later, did he use his cabby job as a cover to stalk, rape, and kill a number of other young women? And what about Samantha Ann Clarke and Alexis Murphy? Was Randy Taylor telling the truth all along? We`ve got our work cut out for us (some of this should have been done a long time ago, don`t you think)?