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Published:October 7th, 2014 14:25 EST

Supreme Court's Glorious Inaction Leads to Marriage Equality Nirvana

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The Supreme Court on Monday let stand appeals court rulings allowing same-sex marriage in five states, a major surprise that could signal the inevitability of the right of same-sex marriage nationwide.


The development cleared the way for same-sex marriages in Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin. Gay and lesbian couples started getting married in those states within hours.

The decision to let the appeals court rulings stand, which came without explanation in a series of brief orders, will have an enormous practical effect and may indicate a point of no return for the Supreme Court."

The New York Times

This morning I read in the Lynchburg News and Advance that the first same-sex couple has been married in Lynchburg, I didn`t expect this critical juncture in human rights to happen for at least a decade in this Bible Belt state.

Same-sex marriage is now legal not only in Virginia, but in Oklahoma and Utah, the Mormon Mecca. Most legal scholars expect that within just weeks the Supreme Court`s glorious inaction will allow same-sex marriage to expand to 30 states.

In the best of all possible worlds the Supreme Court would have taken up the same-sex marriage issue and ruled unambiguously that it`s unconstitutional, undemocratic and un-American to deny gays and lesbians from the emotional, spiritual and economic benefits of marriage.

Conservatives should join liberals in hailing this milestone in human rights; after all it`s bedrock conservative doctrine that the government shouldn`t interfere in in an individual`s personal and private life decisions

But of course fundamentalists will cry out that the sky is falling, and they won`t let up with their anti-gay agenda.

But for all practical purposes same-sex marriage is here to stay, the tide in favor of marriage equality has washed away all credible opposition.

There may be a final ruling by the Supreme Court in reference to same-sex marriage, but they won`t go against history, common sense and the constitution, and reverse course.

Jerry Falwell may be turning over in his grave, but millions of Americans, gay and straight, liberals and conservatives, are dancing for joy at this glorious day in American history.

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