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Published:October 8th, 2014 11:53 EST
NASA: Earth's Oceans Leave Scientists Baffled

NASA: Earth's Oceans Leave Scientists Baffled

By Ron G Anselm


"The World`s Oceans are the vital link in the chain that connects us all as a world. As NASA continues to study each link of the chain, new discoveries take the science of Oceanography to the next level." (Anselm, R.)

When most people hear the acronym, "NASA" the first thought that comes to their mind is space. Yes, NASA is well-known for exploring our vast universe that is filled with more surprises than watching the expressions on children`s faces as they tear open each of their Christmas presents and discover what under all that wrapping paper; NASA is in a sense the meaning of the world space " but NASA also dabbles in a lot of other things that give us hope about our world and information that make our eyes open wider than being a hitter in baseball at the plate and watching the pitcher throw you a hanging curve ball.

NASA recently discovered a little information about our Oceans that we probably would have never even thought about. With the onset of Global Warming and all the hype we have heard and continue at times to hear about how Global Warming as set basically the hormones of our planet into a tail spin; now NASA is saying that the deep parts of our oceans have not warmed measurably since 2005.

So, you ask, So? What does this mean? "It raises the questions with scientists. Has Global Warming finally slowed down and if so why has it slowed down?"

NASA`s team from their Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California studied and analyzed satellite and direct ocean temperature data from 2005 to 2013 and discovered that any depth below 1.24 miles in our oceans has not increased by even one degree in temperature.

If you look at what global warming has done to not only our environment and ecosystems but with the increased temperatures in the Northern Hemispheres of Antarctica and Greenland, as you probably already read about the huge icebergs and sheets of ice that once were has large and mighty as a warrior are now melting and being reduced to ice cubes and with that are pouring more water into our oceans and causing them to rise in depth. With the added water in our oceans would make sense that the temperatures would probably stay the same if not even reduce.

John Willis who is the coauthor of this study by NASA commented on this by saying, "We`re just trying to understand the nitty-gritty details." (Willis, J.)

The nitty-gritty details being every piece of data and information that could shed a little light on why the deep ocean depths have not warmed in a long time. One idea scientists are looking at as to why this is occurring is that the bottom parts of the oceans are sort of taking up slack but this idea has very slip implication on the reason why the no heat " in deep parts of the oceans.

William Llovel who is the lead author on this study commented on this, "The deep parts of the oceans are harder to measure."The combination of satellite and direct temperature data gives us a glimpse of how much sea level rise is due to deep warming. The answer is "not much."(Llovel, W.)

As I mentioned above the oceans are rising due to ice sheet melt from global warming and water normally warms as it expands. So, why is the water not warming since it is expanding with the rising levels in the oceans due to global warming and ice sheet melt? This is what has scientists trying to put the last piece of the puzzle in and cannot find the space to put the last piece in to answer this question.

So, NASA scientists went for the bomb and touchdown and tried to come to the answer on this mystery. They performed a mathematical formula and put together a mathematical equation by taking a straightforward subtraction using the data from the Argo Buoys which are NASA`s Jason-1 and Jason-2 satellites and the agency`s Gravity Recovery and Climate Equipment (GRACE) satellites. From the total amount of seas level rise, scientists subtracted the amount of rise from the total expansion of the ocean and the amount if rise that came from the added melt water from the melting ice sheets. The left over data or reminder represented the amount of sea level rise that caused the warming in the deep parts of the oceans. And the answer of the reminder is? A big fat goose egg "zero." The deep ocean warming basically contributed nothing to the sea level rise during this time period.

Scientist do know that the oceans are steadily warming at the top levels, so that would tell them global warming is still out there and having an effect on our planet. The mystery still continues about the deep depths not warming and there sounds like there could be a lot of variables as to why but no conclusive evidence yet.


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