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Published:October 8th, 2014 13:15 EST

Outrage: Spanish Authorities Plan to Kill Excalibur, The Dog Exposed to Ebola: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Dozens of animal lovers protested outside the house of a Spanish nurse`s aide infected with Ebola on Wednesday after authorities announced they would euthanize her dog to prevent the spread of the virus. The plight of Excalibur drew worldwide attention, with almost one-third of a million people signing a petition to save the mixed-breed pooch. Twitter was flooded with pictures of pets with the hashtag #SalvemosaExcalibur, Spanish for Let`s Save Excalibur. "


NBC News

The Ebola patient`s husband, Javier Limon, pleaded with authorities not to execute his beloved dog.

Teresa Romero Ramos is in the hospital fighting for her life, if Excalibur is killed, it might diminish her will to live, and give Ebola the upper hand.

Limon is in isolation, and so is the pooch. Excalibur is alone in the family apartment; Limon left him a bathful of water and 33 pounds of dog food.

It`s debatable if dogs can spread Ebola to human beings, but Excalibur isn`t in contact with any living creature, human or canine.

Limon and Excalibur should be isolated for the mandatory 21 days; Teresa will need both of them to help her conquer the deadly disease.

It should be just as unthinkable to kill a human being who has been exposed to Ebola, as it is to kill a hapless pooch.

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