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Published:October 11th, 2014 09:58 EST

Wendy Davis Evil & Desperate! Her Empty Wheelchair Ad Vile! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Wendy Davis is attacking her partially paralyzed Republican opponent Greg Abbott in the Texas governor`s race -- with an ad that features an empty wheelchair.


`A tree fell on Greg Abbott. He sued and got millions. Since then, he`s spent his career working against other victims,` a narrator says of the wheelchair-bound Abbott.

The spot is a Hail Mary from the Democratic state senator who is badly trailing in the race. Abbott led Davis 54% to 40% in a recent CBS/New York Times/YouGov poll, and there are few signs she`s likely to close that gap before the November 4 election."


On June 25, 2012 a tennis shoes-clad Wendy Davis held an eleven-hour-long filibuster to block Senate Bill 5, a measure which included restrictive abortion regulations.

The filibuster delayed passage of the bill beyond the midnight deadline for the end of the legislative session, but it passed in a second session.

That moment in the spotlight transformed Davis from a relatively unknown politician outside Texas to a rising star with a national profile.

Davis didn`t waste any time trying to capitalize on her fifteen minutes of fame, on October 13, 2013 she announced she was running for governor of Texas. On March 4, 2014 she handily won the Democratic nomination, but she faces certain defeat against her opponent, Republican nominee Greg Abbott, the outgoing Texas Attorney General.

Davis` biographical narrative was soon exposed as more fiction than fact, the self-styled feminist heroine was financially supported by her husband while she attended TCA and Harvard. (She divorced him shortly after graduation.)

Given Davis` sketchy moral character, it shouldn`t come as a surprise that she has unleashed the most cynical, negative and despicable political commercial in recent history. 

Shame on Wendy Davis and shame on anyone who votes for this reprehensible and contemptible politician!

Davis failed to prevent passage of the abortion bill, and she will fail abysmally in her quixotic quest to become the next governor of Texas.

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