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Published:October 12th, 2014 12:46 EST

Wendy Davis Should Abort Her Stillborn Campaign for Governor of Texas: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Wendy Davis was a Democratic state senator who was little known beyond Texas when she burst onto the national political scene in the summer of 2013, staging a one-woman filibuster to stop passage of a tough anti-abortion law.


Within hours, the pink athletic shoes she wore had become internationally iconic as accounts of her marathon effort were carried in real time by social media around the world. Celebrities " actors Mia Farrow and Henry Winkler, comic Ricky Gervais " were among those weighing in with laudatory encouragement on Twitter. "

Los Angeles Times

Wendy Davis became an instant feminist icon after staging a one-woman filibuster to stop passage of a tough anti-abortion bill.

The usual liberal suspects immediately jumped on the Wendy Davis bandwagon, heaping praise on the relatively unknown politician.

Now that she`s the Democratic nominee for governor of Texas she has been properly vetted by the press, and it turns out that she has flat-out lied about her biographical narrative. Davis has the gravitas of her famous pink running shoes, and the moral character of a slimy politician.

The press has roundly criticized her despicable campaign ad; even leftist publications like   "Mother Jones" magazine have expressed outrage.

Davis should abort her stillborn campaign, and it`s incumbent upon Democratic leaders in Texas to dissociate themselves from such a morally reprehensible character.

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