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Published:October 13th, 2014 17:04 EST
NASA Lobbies to Put Your Name on Two Upcoming Space Missions

NASA Lobbies to Put Your Name on Two Upcoming Space Missions

By Ron G Anselm

"The future of space travel is right around the corner to becoming a future reality. As kids, we dreamed of becoming an astronaut only to have laid down in bed at night to wake up in the morning to our Mom yelling, Come on Bobby! You`re going to be late for the school bus! " as we knew in our heart that one day we too could be like our hero Neil Armstrong. " (Anselm, R.)

I hate to start out a sentence with the conjunction And " but in this case it is appropriate. And... this too is a reality for you to make the long trip into the world of the unknown and the wonder of beauty; space the final frontier as the old saying went on the coming on of Star Trek. The wondrous planets that surround us like a Mothers holding us as a baby and the protection we felt as we wet our diaper. Well, with our Mother holding and luckily we were wearing a diaper but as a kid we look at space as a mysterious glob of darkness but yet feel the warm curiosity of an entity that is larger and bolder than Fat Albert was on the old cartoon Fat Albert "

NASA, the space agency that scientists, science geeks, and everything astronomy has grown to look at as their Mother because NASA has made some of the greatest discoveries about space that every time they discover a new piece of something from space it has become sort of like entertainment to us to listen and learn, is inviting you and me; the general public to send our name(s) on a microchip to them to hopefully (your name not you personally) be selected to fly on two upcoming NASA missions.

Your name will begin its journey on a dime-sized microchip when the agency`s Orion spacecraft launches Dec. 4 on its first flight, designated Exploration Flight Test-1. After a 4.5 hour, two-orbit mission around Earth to test Orion`s systems, the spacecraft will travel back through the atmosphere at speeds approaching 20,000 mph and temperatures near 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit, before splashing down in the Pacific Ocean. (

Again, you won`t be invited to fly personally on these two missions your name will be flying on these two missions in a microchip if you get selected. This is kind of a neat and out of the box " thinking idea by NASA. You could tell your grand kids and put it in a way like this if your name may be say, Mike Smith. This is you talking to your grand kids, Hey Cindy and Bobby (yea, I know it sounds like something off the Brady Bunch) but you could say it like this, Grandpa, Mike Smith flew on two of the past NASA missions " and name the missions and your grand kids would never know the difference that you didn`t personally fly on these missions, your name did. Cool beans dude!

Mike Geyer, who is an NASA, Orion Program Manager summed up this new Out of the Box " idea by saying, "NASA is pushing the boundaries of exploration and working hard to send people to Mars in the future. When we set foot on the Red Planet, we`ll be exploring for all of humanity. Flying these names will enable people to be part of our journey." (Geyer, M.)

So, there you go, you can now feel cool and be part of two major NASA missions all while you are sitting on your love seat sucking down a tall glass of Pink Lemonade and your name is up in the wild black yonder of space getting air sick.

The deadline for receiving a personal boarding pass " on Orion`s test flight closes Friday Oct. 31. The public will have an opportunity to keep submitting names beyond Oct. 31 to be included on future test flights and future NASA missions to Mars. To submit your name to fly on Orion`s flight test, visit: (

I think this is really a cool idea by NASA The main goal of NASA is to someday send real, life-sized people with two eyes, a nose and a mouth to the mysterious Red Planet we know as Mars and fear as if Aliens and little Green men are real, are they?

So, why don`t you send your name in to NASA and let your name earn frequent flyer miles, (wow! your name flying to Mars will earn a ton of those points) while your physically shining a chair with your derriere (or behind) in the comforts of whatever you choose to be comfortable.


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