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Published:October 14th, 2014 15:07 EST
Is It Possible Democratic Candidate Michelle Nunn Will Win in Georgia? Forget History!

Is It Possible Democratic Candidate Michelle Nunn Will Win in Georgia? Forget History!

By John G. Kays

In need of a short breather from an obstinate Governor`s race here in Texas, and after hearing the welcome news (on Rachel Maddow, which I need to tune into more frequently), of a very tight race in Georgia (that`s right, the Peach State of Scarlett O`Hara fame!), both in the Senate (Democratic candidate is Michelle Nunn and her Republican opponent is David Purdue), and we see a hair-pulling, nail-biting, neck and neck race for Governor, putting Republican Nathan Deal against Democrat Jason Carter, a grandson of Jimmy Carter

When looking at the latest polls posted on RealClearPolitics (which I just had to make an icon for on my iMac desktop, since I`m checking it about a hundred times a day now!), I could barely believe what I was seeing! The most recent WSB TV/Landmark poll (10/7-10/9) has Purdue and Nunn tied at 46 to 46 (that must mean 8% are undecided); the Governor`s poll (WSB TV/Landmark) is tied also, 45 to 45

Unbelievable! I took a nice, lengthy vacation to Georgia in June of 2013, and spent quite a bit of time studying its troubling state history; now it looks as if I`ll need to partake in some radical reassessing, seeing how the political landscape there is experiencing a great deal of change!

I`m beginning to sense what this all about, but I`ll have to pay close attention and do my homework with some precision over the next three weeks, with Election Day right around the corner, popping up quickly on November 4th. I guess I`ll be watching MSNBC a bit more religiously, while occasionally channel surfing over to Fox News (not too frequently, mind you!)  to see how they spin the Pink Elephants, who tend to move the needle towards the Red End of the political spectrum. 

Well, MSNBC is 100% BLUE, while Fox News is 100% RED, so that makes it a little easier to sort this out. The first question in my mind, is, should we say recent developments in Georgia are a fluke, or is this a wider, national trend, where Republicans are facing a more contentious, fired-up, Democratic Electorate, who are not quite as apathetic as was once thought?

I sense the answer to this obviously rhetorically-loaded question IS YES! One thread of persuasion to me, is that so many poor people are thankful to have The Affordable Care Act, and are ready to fight these Bully Republicans who keep telling them ObamaCare has got to go. No it doesn`t! It will never go away; I have many friends and even family members who are using it and it works just fine!

I sure do wish the changes I`m seeing in Georgia would transfer over to Texas, where Wendy Davis is having trouble softening her opponent`s lead; I suspect this is taking place, yet it`s been weeks and weeks since any new polls have been posted (not that they are particularly accurate-how many are polling the vast population of South Texas?), which itself *(the rusty polls) acts as a negative catalyst on the undecided. 

From what I can tell, yet I`m still just in the early stages of my state by state, political research, but the game changer in Georgia (which still needs to be proven true) is getting out the African American vote out. And Georgia has approximately 700, 000 unregistered black voters, many of which, if they vote, can turn the election around this time around; this being an Off-Election (Running Scared, by Jamille Boule-Slate), you and me are impressed! 

Just think about how many Hispanic registered (and unregistered) voters Texas has, then you`ll have a good idea how The Lone Star State could Turn Purple, if not a beautiful, blistering Baby Blue!

Yet Rachel brought up this sizable issue of 55,000 voter registration applications doing a disappearing act, so we`ll have to look into this (voter disenfranchisement is an ubiquitous thing in Georgia`s Mottled History). But just take a close look at Michelle Nunn and try to tell me you don`t want her as a United States Senator, representing a state from the South willing to embrace painful change! I`ll keep my eyes peeled, `cuz this is history in the making!