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Published:October 19th, 2014 11:51 EST

Unspeakable Tragedy: Dog is Allergic to Humans

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The owner of an Indianapolis dog rescue said veterinarians discovered a black lab`s skin problems resulted from the canine being allergic to humans.


Robin Herman of the Lucky Dog Retreat said a black lab named Adam was in bad shape when he came to the rescue and while he started to seem healthier with care, his skin problems persisted.

Herman said she was shocked when veterinarians told her Adam is allergic to humans."


Man`s best friend allergic to humans? Has hell frozen over? Has the Earth stopped spinning? Has Satan taken over Heaven?

Impossible as it may be to believe, just like we can be allergic to dogs, they can be allergic to us.

A pooch thrives on human love and attention; Adam must be the saddest and loneliest pooch in the world.

But there`s hope, veterinarians believe there`s a cure for this unspeakable malady. They are putting together a serum, and Adam will soon start receiving allergy shots.

If you have a pooch, and neither one of you is allergic to the other, count your blessings and enjoy your time together!

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