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Published:October 21st, 2014 13:44 EST
In a Close Race for Control of the U.S. Senate, 3 Women Democrats Draw a Line in the Sand!

In a Close Race for Control of the U.S. Senate, 3 Women Democrats Draw a Line in the Sand!

By John G. Kays

Today`s Bluegrass poll confirms yet again that the 15-month campaign plan from which we have never wavered has Alison poised for a narrow but decisive victory on November 4th against a 30-year entrenched incumbent who-astonishingly-cannot consistently break mid-40`s numbers in public polls as we approach Election Day. Jonathan Hurst-Alison L. Grimes` campaign manager

Three Democrats running for U.S. Senate seats, who just so happen to be women, are leading a strong defense against a Republican take-over in the Midterms; they are Michelle Nunn in Georgia, Kay Hagan in North Carolina (the incumbent), and Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky. The races in these three key states are close, although the momentum as we move into the final stretch, favors these Democrats, as the most recent polls suggest. 

As voters notice these strong stands unfold in the news, and with a likelihood of turnout (materializing) much more robustly than was initially predicted, Democratic candidates in other states may experience gentle headwinds resulting in a boost to their campaigns (this is what I believe will take place). And with a noticeable reduction in the Ebola Scare, as a result of a pro-active handling by the Obama Administration, as well as obvious signs of an improved economy, it looks like the wind is against the backs of the Democrats!

With this in mind, one can safely conclude distancing themselves from Obama is not really necessary anymore; anyhow, Hillary Clinton is coming to the aid of many of these candidates, so this should be good enough. A new Bluegrass Poll of Kentucky, possibly reflecting Hillary`s recent visit to Louisville, gives Grimes 44% over Mitch McConnell`s 43%

Just a few days ago, we were hearing the Democrats had given up on Kentucky and were pulling out. Well, why should they have to do more heavy television advertising when they have Hillary, who does a good job at picking McConnell apart. Whether it`s ObamaCare, minimum wage, Ebola, or fair and equal treatment for women in the workplace, Hillary has a talent for arguing persuasively the Democrat`s case, as does Alison L. Grimes. Along with this powerful lobbying ammunition, an effective ground game is raising the numbers for those intending to vote, which will benefit Grimes.

Senator Kay Hagan is holding on to a small lead in North Carolina (1.2 %); Hillary Clinton will make an appearance in Charlotte, NC, on behalf of Kay Hagan. A new PPP poll (although it leans towards the Democrats), puts Hagan ahead of Thom Tillis, 46% to 43%. 

While Hagan`s record has her voting with the Democrats 88% of the time, I sense this could turn into a blessing in disguise, for some of the reasons previously stated: namely the price of gas is going down, and unemployment has been vastly reduced, inflation is low, and, as stated, Obama is getting a grip on the Ebola Crisis. Moreover, his approach with ISIS is the right one: NO BOOTS ON THE GROUND means more votes for the Democrats! The American People don`t want or need another protracted ground war in the Middle East! This is why Kay Hagan`s going to win in North Carolina!

The situation looks even rosier for Michelle Grimes in Georgia, what with a Republican opponent, David Purdue, who has a troubling history of outsourcing jobs when assuming CEO positions with various corporations (Dollar General, Sara Lee, and Haggar Clothing Co.). 

I`m trying to verify this allegation is accurate, but I`m finding some good sources that are painting such a bleak picture, as far as David Purdue`s record goes. With the unforgettable background of The Great Recession of 2008 slowly receding in the rearview mirror, these constant jabs thrown by Michelle Nunn`s team are doing damage to the Republicans in Georgia. EMILY`s LIST is helping Nunn`s chances also; a new ad highlights Perdue`s rocky record at Dollar General, where women managers experienced a large amount of gender-pay-discrimination, that resulted in a $19 million law suit (dates for the pay discrimination represent the years 2004 to 2007, a time when David Perdue was DG`s CEO). 

A win for the Democrats in Georgia represents a Thin Blue Line drawn in the sand; if they can win, it says the fort can withstand the attack. If this is replicated in several other key battleground states, it represents something along the lines of Gettysburg for the BLUES! (Outsourcing doesn`t always mean lost jobs, by April Hunt-PolitiFact & GA Senate Candidate Michelle Nunn to Get More Help From EMILY`s List-KMBZ)