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Published:October 21st, 2014 13:37 EST
Top Secret Spy Plane Leaves Us Wondering What it Really is

Top Secret Spy Plane Leaves Us Wondering What it Really is

By Ron G Anselm

Look up in the sky, it`s a bird? It`s a plane? No, it`s the X378

You wonder what in the world the X378 is. I wrote a past article I couple of years ago which was published by the SOP about this unique flying entity. People are wondering if this is a spy plane, a new version of some sort of military aircraft, a UFO or even a new way to fly the friendly skies that the airlines have not advertised or even want us to know about yet.

You can`t really say what this mystery wrapped in a riddle is because it is so Top Secret not even Obama has a clue what this is or does he? It is being called a Top Secret spy plane by the media. Whatever it is, the plane landed at Vandenberg Air Force base on Friday. Vandenberg Air Force base is just off the beach ridden California coast.

Being ex-military myself and seeing a ton of Top Secret weaponry when I served both in the Army and Coast Guard (if I told you I would have to kill you) I think this is really cool. We have come a long way in advanced technological advancements of our military weapons. We have some furious power when it comes to an all-out ground war and shock and awe when it comes to any air combat we could encounter.

Our Navy is probably more intimidating than going head on with a Mack Truck if you are driving a mini-Smart car (take it from me while serving in the Coast Guard the Navy saved our behind in one instance while we were out in the thick of the action. I think we would have done good though in that one instance with our on-board weapon systems. It would have just got pretty ugly without the Navy out there with us as a team) those Battle ships that are the size of a mini state with sixteen inch guns tend to make the enemy think twice about jumping and making a move on any United States war ship.

Anyway, maybe this top secret aircraft is part of our on-going advancements in technology and battle field warfare. If so, this plane is not like your normal fighter jet that takes off from one of our Air bases around the world or the deck of an aircraft carrier, it spent two years circling the Earth (way up there in the wild blue and black yonder) on classified missions.

What`s neat about this particular aircraft is it resembles the Space Shuttle. So, maybe it`s like half space rocket and half military plane or maybe it`s a prototype of something awesome to come. Who knows? But whatever it is I am sure it is full of every bell and whistle when it comes to technology.

There has been a ton of speculation on what this plane was doing those 674 days it was on many classified missions. Some are saying it was carrying a payload of spy gear in its cargo bay, another theory and this is very far-fetched to me but some are saying this plane would be able to capture the satellites of other countries and maybe it was doing that, and even one theory predicted the plane was trying to shadow China`s space lab.

The Air Force commented on all the hype by stating, "It had been conducting on-orbit experiments." (

This Top Secret program has been bouncing around a lot of Government agencies out there of who has taken ownership of it and is managing the program. One would think it was a NASA project, nope; the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office is responsible for this program.

The characteristics of the plane is that it stands about 9-1/2 feet tall, and is just over 29-feet long. The wingspan tops out at about 15 feet and it weighs 11,000 pounds. It has solar panels that charge its batteries while it is in orbit.

This is the third mission by the Air Force of this kind and they plan to launch a fourth mission of the X378, this time from Cape Canaveral, Florida next year.


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