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Published:October 22nd, 2014 12:32 EST
Can Mark Udall Win in Colorado? His Spartan-Like Get-Out-The-Vote, Ground Game Says YES!

Can Mark Udall Win in Colorado? His Spartan-Like Get-Out-The-Vote, Ground Game Says YES!

By John G. Kays

Women`s rights here at home and around the world are clearly at risk unless people of good will, both women and men, regardless of political ideology, understand that women`s rights are like canaries in the mine. If women`s rights are denied or rolled back anywhere, it is a threat to everyone`s rights everywhere. Hillary Clinton campaigning for Mark Udall in Colorado

Mark Udall can win, but it`ll be a tough fight! I`m examining some of the sources this morning, and after a modicum of focused analysis, I believe Udall will be able to retain his senate seat. It`s a little scary when you see that Cory Gardner has a 3.8% lead over Mark Udall, according to the Real Clear Politics site (which averages the last 4 polls-those are stale bread after about 24 hours)

The most recent poll is PPP, which gives Gardner 47% and Udall 44%; this is troublesome, since PPP is liberal leaning. Nonetheless, a number of factors I`ve just been ruminating over, give me HOPE Udall can pull a rabbit out of his hat! I`ll mention a few of kernels of argument at this time. 

He`s got the Clintons stumping for him, with Hillary looking especially healthy, and giving some eloquent and persuasive speeches *(her Karma has returned!). You can`t downplay the Hillary factor right now-she`s on top of her game! A few other things also can be added to the mix; the Democrats` get-out-the-vote, ground game in Colorado is unstoppable! *(See Colorado`s Field of Dreams, by David Catanese-US News).

Then we have a Bolder Udall who doesn`t bother distancing himself from Obama, `cuz he`s proud of his association with the President-this is exactly the right approach, which I`d like to see other Democrats take on (the economy is firing on all eight cylinders).  You can throw in Udall`s positions on Women`s Rights and his stance on the need for NSA Reform, as additional fodder informing a victory on November 4th.

You might want to watch an interview Mark Udall did for NPR; I just viewed it this morning, since I didn`t feel like I knew the Senator all that well. Mark is very sincere about wanting to help Coloradans and he`s also confident he can win, based on the ground game, which is an outgrowth of Obama`s incredible, Spartan-like political machine that gets the job done. 

This works well with Udall`s constituency, comprised of Hispanics, college-educated single women, and young people, who sometimes need a little extra prodding before they can get off the couch and drive over to their local polling station. Well, I might qualify that last statement by saying, this coalition of loyal Democrats is in tact without the ground game anyhow; what`s achieved is the sheer numbers get spiked up considerably!

I was encouraged to hear the turnout in Texas for the first day of early voting was a lot higher than was the first day for the 2010 midterms, 373,000 voters higher. Wow! I sense the same phenomenon is taking place in Colorado; actually the get-out-your-vote team is three times as large as the team was when Michael Bennet barely squeaked by in 2010. This tells me volumes about Udall`s chances of winning. 

Still, although the numbers posted for Texas encourage me that Wendy Davis has a better shot than once expected, the recent polls are reason for pause and skepticism, both for Texas and Colorado. I sense, however, the people who ultimately end up voting, many of which are minorities, who were motivated by these political get-out-the-vote machines, never were polled, since they don`t have land lines and probably wouldn`t talk with a pollster anyway (I know I wouldn`t)

I predict Udall will win by a small margin; the number of people who actually will vote greatly exceeds what was originally predicted, where apathy was implied, it didn`t really exist. Enthusiasm over issues is higher than I`ve seen in my entire life! Be there (in a polling kiosk) or be square!