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Published:October 24th, 2014 10:53 EST

Outrage: Toddler Gets Stuck in Toy Machine, and Firefighters Let Him Keep Toy: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A toddler is safe after getting stuck in a toy machine in Maryville.

The 18-month-old Colin Lambert managed to climb into the toy machine at a coin laundry shop at 1601 East Lamar Alexander at about 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.


Colin`s grandmother, Diane O`Neill, says she looked away for just a moment to check a text message, and the little boy crawled in the machine while she was distracted."


I`m shocked that a grandmother is texting ...

I`m not shocked that a toddler got stuck in a toy machine, check out YouTube there are dozens of videos of little brats who got stuck in claw machines.

This toddlers gone wild tomfoolery has got to stop, owners of stores that have toy machines should toss in a poisonous snake with the toys. I guarantee after the first brat dies, mothers will keep a closer watch on their young hooligans.

After the firefighters freed the little monster, they let him pick out a toy from the machine. This is simply outrageous, that`s like the cops letting a burglar who was caught red-handed breaking into a jewelry store pick out a jewel watch as a souvenir.

This tolerance of toddlers getting stuck in toy machines is a sign of the decline of Western Civilization!

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