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Published:October 26th, 2014 10:18 EST

UFO as Large as Football Field Scares Bejesus Out of West Virginians

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Adding to the already incredible number of UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) sightings in 2014, a latest report from West Virginia suggests three triangle-shaped UFOs were spotted by about ten witnesses.


The sighting, which had been registered (Case 60631) with Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) took place on 12 October around 10pm local time. According to the report, 10 people, all men, were working at a coal plant along Winifrede Hollow Road near Marmet when they spotted three triangle-shaped UFOs. Marmet is a city in Kanawha County, Virginia.

According to the witnesses, all three UFOs were moving silently and were approximately the size of a football field."

International Business Times

Let`s stipulate that these men aren`t typical West Virginians, if a group of men from this great state get together they brag about hot their hot cousins and sisters, they don`t chat about flying saucers.

The witnesses claim that the flying saucers were the size of a football field, obviously they weren`t mistaking a Chinese lantern or a bird for a UFO, this leads me to conclude that these fools are either lying or drunk on moonshine.

Dear friends and neighbors is you see a flying saucer as big as a football field there are only three likely explanations:

You fell asleep while watching " Close Encounters of the Third Kind"!

You need to stop lacing your joints with LSD!

Run for your life, a butt-naked Rosie O`Donnell is hovering over you!

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