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Published:October 27th, 2014 11:20 EST
Google Executive Takes the Plunge and Goes for It!

Google Executive Takes the Plunge and Goes for It!

By Ron G Anselm

"Incredible feats only happen when the elite dare to make them happen. As those feats happen, the daredevil in all of us comes out to challenge our inner instinct that equates to the old tern. I Dare You." (Anselm, R.)

I think there are people out there that just float through life trying not to ruffle the feathers of anything they do or any situation they come in contact with. Nothing against those kinds of people, hey they are probably easy going and drive the speed limit or in the slow lane everywhere they go...Ok. No problem but to me living a life like that it extremely boring. I was raised in Southern, California where the term `Life in the Fast Lane`  takes on a new meaning. I say, Life is short, go for it!!!

And that is exactly what recently happened when Alan Eustace who is Senior Vice President of Knowledge at Google decided to get out of his Executive Chair, turn off his Lap Top computer, wash his coffee cup and Go for It!

He broke the sound barrier by taking a trip to Roswell, New Mexico, donning a sort of space suit with an attached life-support system built into it, jumping into a balloon filled with 35,000 cubic feet of helium (boy would that make you talk really funny if you took a hit of that) going up, up and away skyward for two hours while he hit his projected altitude to hit the record, turned on his Go Pro camera he was carrying, and when he reached an altitude of 135,908 feet.....

Unleased the dare-devil inside him and cut the cord that was holding him safely on the balloon. He descended for fifteen minutes, enjoying the lovely view as he sped past many flocks of seagulls, birds in flight and even a Boeing 747 (Well, I doubt that one) and I doubt he was really enjoying the decent downward as he probably was getting many thoughts racing through his head of, What in the He** did I just do? Jumping out of a perfectly good balloon? I must me crazier than I thought! No... Who knows what he was thinking, I know I would be thinking that, but who knows what Alan was thinking on the way down.

As he sped downward probably praying his parachute will open, he hit speeds of more than 800 miles an hour (I wonder if he brought a change of underwear with him too) 800miles an hour? That`s like turning into a human jet...

He was going so fast that observers said they heard a small sonic boom as Alan raced through the sky but raced downward. Alan commented and said he doesn`t remembering hearing the sonic boom. Alan went on to say, "It was a wild ride. I hugged on to the equipment module and tucked my legs and I held my heading.` (Eustace, A.)

He also when accomplishing this daredevil feat broke the previous record that was held by daredevil Felix Baumgartner and set in October 2012 when he jumped a previous 128,100 feet using a sophisticated capsule and a small fortune backed by millions of dollars in sponsorship money. (You can check that article out also on the SOP website. That was one of my other articles on this type of record.

Alan Eustance on the other hand, turned down any backing of money by Google because he did not want this to turn into a marketing event. Well, as the story goes on, Alan`s parachute did open and he made it down, (clean underwear and all) Yuck, why did I put that in here? Well, let`s just say, he made it down in one piece safely to the ground.

I can surely say Alan probably isn`t a boring person to hang out with. He now is thinking about making up T-Shirts that say, You think you can break my record? More power to you and I Dare You (A little trash talk there Alan, I like that) No...He really didn`t say that or is not thinking about having T-Shirts made up but it would probably would be really cool if he did. So, I say, don`t just be a couch potato getting larger around the waistline, Go for It! In anything you do. Life`s short, have fun while you`re enjoying the ride.


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