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Published:October 28th, 2014 10:58 EST
Navy Plans to Defend Against Potential Future Nuclear Threats

Navy Plans to Defend Against Potential Future Nuclear Threats

By Ron G Anselm

"Wouldn`t it be Nice if we could live in a world of peace and harmony where violence was non-existent and Nations helped one Another? If that was the case we would all be walking with a little more pep in our step." (Anselm, R.)

I remember when I served in the United States Army right at the time of the Grenada invasion; after our military invaded Grenada (Operation Urgent Fury) with the help of joint forces and took back the Island from the Cuban military presence we started focusing more on the Soviet Union. Our whole premise of our combat training was centered on going to war with the Soviet Union so we studied how to defeat the Russians. Of course, in my opinion back then it was almost like another Cold War, both countries; us and them were watching each other`s moves like a cat watches its prey before pouncing on it because we were both paranoid that some crazy four star general was going to jump the chain of command and press the button to launch each of us into a nuclear war and the start of World War Three. It was almost the same scenario as two Heavy Weight Boxers dancing around the ring and never throwing a punch because both of them have great respect for one another.

We trained in the frigid temperatures of Germany in January, we went to the scolding temperatures of the desert in July and trained as if we were getting ready for next week`s NFL game against our rival team and we slept in the barracks just waiting for that knock on the door at whatever hour of the night to muster in formation at the Motor Pool and get ready to deploy to stop the Soviet Union from advancing on one of our many Army bases around the world but like a person that only thinks about making their dreams a reality but never doing anything about never happened.

It seems like through the years we never really heard any more about the Soviet Union after it became I believe they called it the "New Russia" in the past. Now, it`s almost like we fell back in time and the problem we thought was over reared its ugly head again.

The Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Jon Greenert and the U.S. National Security Officials are now concerned about the pace and intensity of Russian submarine operations.  Admiral Greenert went into a little more detail about this concern by stating, "There are competitors that are pursuing us. We know about China. That is very well spelled out, but not as many people know what the Russians are up to. I can`t go into detail, obviously, but they spend a lot of money. The Russians have been working on a sea-based strategic deterrence - and an SSN (attack submarine)." (Greenert, J., Admiral)

A lot of the concern is based on how much both Russia and now China spends on defense year to year compared to what we spend. Our country still spend more on defense than both Russia and China does but what is causing the concern is the gap in spending compared to what is used to be is starting to shrink. In other words, both Russia and China are spending more and more and the amount they are spending is starting to keep pace with what we spend and even may overtake our spending. So, why are both Russia and China increasing their defense spending?

Who knows? Could it be because we now have the threat of terrorism all over the world? Or, could it be they are planning on ganging up on us in the future in an all-out war? The Russians are planning to sell a variant of a type of one of their submarine called the new Amur 1650 Attack submarine to the Chinese.

"The Amur 1650 is a modern version of the Kilo-class Russian submarine with improved acoustic stealth, new combat systems, and air-independent propulsion, according to a report in the Inquisitr." (

Russia is also dabbling in Ballistic Missiles. They recently and successfully launched an ICBM from a Russian nuclear submarine. The U.S. Navy also believe that one of China`s nuclear submarines known as the Jin SSBN, makes China a bigger threat for being within strike range with nuclear capability.

So, here we go again. It`s like a scene from the movie "Ground Hog Day" it`s happening again and over and over of the threat of Russia and now China. As a defense of this threat and for defense of our country the Navy is planning on building another class of submarine that is so high-tech it will be able to provide what is now being called strategic nuclear deterrence or defense against a nuclear attack or strike.

To go into a little more detail of what the term, "strategic nuclear deterrence" means let`s look at it in a technical way. If a country dares to make a move or a first-strike nuclear attack against our country, if we have armed nuclear submarines ready out there in the ocean it would more than likely guarantee a defensive response.

The submarines the Navy is planning on building are known as the Ohio Class submarines. Admiral Greenert has given the construction of these new submarines a Top Priority " and the construction is already underway and is slated to be finished by 2021 but of course with any Government spending and budgeting it is going to be tight to keep the funding going of this project but when it comes to defense spending and keeping us all safe, I hope the Government will find a way even if Obama has to take a second job to make it happen. (Just kidding Barrack, no pun intended)

The Ohio Replacement program as it is known will take some juggling to happen. Admiral Greenert as already stated that the cost of this project will not allow it to co-exist with other shipbuilding projects such as destroyers, carriers, amphibians and cruiser upgrades and those programs in my opinion are also needed.

The Navy also piggy backed this issue by releasing its 30-year shipbuilding plan and the plan clearly states it will not have enough money to fund the Ohio Replacement program while funding and maintaining other shipbuilding plans and priorities.

The plan, called the "Report to Congress on the Annual Long-Range Plan for Construction of Naval Vessels for FY2015" states that in order to maintain and afford the required spending amounts over the next thirty-years to keep everything going it is now going to need 19.7 billion dollars to hit budget with the new Ohio Replacement project. This is 19.7 billion dollars per year for shipbuilding from 2025 - 2034, a nice chunk of change. So, how does the government get the money? I would say a lot of cost cutting will be needed.

In either case, this plan and the Ohio Replacement project has to happen. The defense of our country with threats daily all around the world has got to take priority. I would sure hate to be kicking back one day, chillin` in my favorite lounge chair, watching my hyper cat named spunky " jump all over the drapes like he`s on cat nip 24/7, and looking out my window only to see a flash of light in the distance so bright it burns your retinas and then a few seconds later watching everything in its path get leveled with a force so unimaginable it would give you a headache trying to comprehend the power of the force from a nuclear weapon.  I don`t think it will ever come to that but whoever would have thought that our country was going to ever get attacked on our soil such as what happened in 9/11. We need to make sure all money and budgeting is available and every project for shipbuilding is met.



Osborn, K., (2014),, CNO Warns of Advanced Russian Submarine Development. ( Retrieved October 2014.

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