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Published:October 30th, 2014 13:37 EST
Michelle Nunn Will Beat David Perdue on November 4th! Slickest Campaign Ever!

Michelle Nunn Will Beat David Perdue on November 4th! Slickest Campaign Ever!

By John G. Kays

Michelle Nunn is a very smart woman! Michelle Nunn is a very gifted politician and will definitely beat David Purdue in an extremely close senate race in Georgia! I just hope every single American gets a chance to see Michelle Nunn`s new TV ad, which they are calling Attack Ad: The Extended Cut, since it is the most effective political ad I`ve ever seen in my entire life! 

In 2002, David Purdue became chief executive of Pillowtex, a textile manufacturer in North Carolina that went under, and 7,000 workers lost their jobs, while Perdue snuck off to Dollar General (to repeat the same corporate crime) with nearly 2 million dollars of the workers` money. 

No way are Georgians going to make this corrupt outsourcer their senator! Perdue falls in Ted Cruz`s camp, where not compromising and shutting down the government is perfectly okay. Michelle Nunn, on the other hand, embraces compromise, working with Republicans for the good of all Georgians, in the tradition of her father, Sam Nunn.

I noticed, when watching Chuck Todd cruising the backroads of Georgia in a van, the Peach State has one of the highest unemployment percentages in the country. I spent quite a bit of time driving on those rural and city roads of Georgia myself, in June of 2013, so I kind of get it. Michelle Nunn is wise to emphasize the economy in her campaign; and she`s not just campaigning in Atlanta or in Savanna. 

Michelle is using a van herself and is hitting the rural areas too, such as Albany, where she had breakfast at Pearly`s Restaurant, and where they were able to draw a large, enthusiastic crowd. Nunn`s talking points are resonating with voters; they are, in part: we need to raise minimum wage, protect Social Security, invest in early childhood education, and probably her best soundbite of all, David Perdue is a King Bee when it comes to outsourcing precious jobs (See the Pillowtex Ad)! I sense the turnout in Georgia is going to be tremendous, which will only favor Michelle Nunn. (Albany Herald)

If the Pillowtex Ad isn`t enough of a turnoff for you, as far as David Perdue goes, be sure and check out that little flyer making the rounds, by way of the Georgia Democratic Party (not Michelle Nunn). You know the flyer I mean, the one that says if you want to prevent another Ferguson in their future...Vote!, accompanied by a photo of two young African-American children holding signs that read: Don`t Shoot. 

Michelle emphasizes, Georgians need to think about the message projected by this evocative flyer; race relations are not exactly on the straight and narrow in this Deep-South state yet. This flyer is a clever ploy that will help to get out the African American vote; it will work, with nearly 100% of these troubled Americans (as they remember Ferguson) voting for the Democrats (don`t forget  Jason Carter). 

Another Ferguson could very well re-occur in Georgia; don`t forget its history after The U.S. Civil War, where The Ku Klux Klan was practically born there, and remained strong for many years afterwards! If your memory is clear enough, you`ll recall, both state and local police forces were inundated and run by White Supremacists, who masked themselves in white sheets, cloaking their hatred for Blacks. As such, it`s good to see Michelle with John Lewis down there! 

A great article you will want to take a look at, was published on the Real Clear Politics site, Can Nunn Re-create Georgia`s 1990s Democratic Coalition?, by Sean Trende. This is an in depth political science piece, that looks at the history of how Georgians have voted since The Great Depression. In FDR`s day (early 1930s), Georgia was totally Blue, which continued from 1960 until 1980. Then in 1984 it starts to morph Red, but then turns Blue again, when Bill Clinton was elected. 

In 2002 she suddenly goes Red again and stays that way until now, when the author (Sean Trende) argues Michelle Nunn is causing a reversion to the syndrome of 1992. I have to agree with his well-researched hypothesis, this is exactly what I`m seeing as Michelle pounds into the shabby defenses of the Republicans, who are more interested in protecting a few wealthy individuals, who probably live in the Atlanta area. Nunn is a Populist, Perdue is an Elitist Capitalist!