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Published:October 31st, 2014 14:59 EST

Most Hated: Ebola Nurse Kaci Hickox or Ebola Doctor Craig Spencer?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Less than a day after confining a nurse who treated Ebola victims to her house, a judge in Maine has lifted the quarantine, rejecting arguments by the State of Maine that the measure was necessary to protect the public.

Within an hour of the decision, state troopers who had been parked outside the nurse`s house for days had left.

The order requires Ms. Kaci Hickox to submit to daily monitoring for symptoms, to coordinate her travel with state health officials, and to notify them immediately if symptoms appear. Ms. Hickox has agreed to follow the requirements."

The New York Times

Kaci Hickox, who had worked for the aid group "Doctors without Borders" in Sierra Leone, has become the face of Ebola since she returned to the United States after service in Ebola-ravaged West Africa.

Hickox was detained in New Jersey for several days before Governor Chris Christie had enough of her and allowed her to be transported to Maine.

When the nurse/diva/provocateur/drama queen arrived in Maine at the house of her partner, she immediately made it known that she that she wouldn`t abide by any restrictions.

The publicity whore went bicycle riding with her partner, interesting to note she wore a helmet to protect herself from injury, but she exhibited no concern for people she might be exposing to Ebola.

Hickox reeks of white privilege; it seems that a Caucasian woman, who is reasonably attractive, articulate and lawyered up, doesn`t need to obey any quarantine.

State troopers who had been parked outside the nurse`s house for days have left. Hickox may need them for her own protection; she joins Ebola Dr. Craig Spencer as one of most despised persons in America:

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