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Published:November 3rd, 2014 16:21 EST

Putin Spanks Obama in Propaganda Poster: Beautiful Work of Art!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"On Friday a gallery titled `No Filters` with the work of about 100 cartoonists opened in Moscow, and just about all their images show Putin favorably: as a strongman, a political chess master, and a fighter against fascists and terrorists. In one conspicuously large work, Putin is spanking President Barack Obama, who has the body of schoolboy."



After six years of malaise and disappointment, cartoonists, pundits and late-night comics depict Obama as a hapless and lackluster empty suit who can`t wait for his term to expire.

After the midterm elections Republicans will be in control of both houses of Congress, and the ineffectual Obama will be only a lingering odor of a particularly noxious fart. How the mighty have fallen, the Messiah has all the substance and gravitas of a fart.

Obama`s nemesis, Vladimir Putin, on the other hand is portrayed in Russia as well as in America as a heroic figure. Putin may  be a dictator, but he`s loyal to his allies, treats his enemies with contempt, and doesn`t suffer fools gladly.

In an exhibition in Moscow featuring the work of about 100 cartoonists, Putin is portrayed favorably as a strongman and fighter against fascists and terrorists.

In one enormous poster, Putin is spanking Obama, who is dressed as a schoolboy. If anybody is in dire need of a good spanking it`s Obama, the electorate is set to deliver such a spanking tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I doubt that Obama will be properly chastised and humbled; hubris is the substance that fills out this empty suit.

Poster of Putin spanking Obama:

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