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Published:November 4th, 2014 13:32 EST
Joni Ernst`s Bully Frat Boys Toss Out Some Protesters at University of Iowa!

Joni Ernst`s Bully Frat Boys Toss Out Some Protesters at University of Iowa!

By John G. Kays

Block Joni Ernst! Iowans, please don`t allow her to be your next U.S. Senator! Voters, turn out in record numbers to vote in iowa (and throughout these United States), and with your vote, prevent another crazy Tea Party candidate from gaining so much power! 

Bruce Braley is a perfectly reasonable, honorable candidate, who`s has your back! Who does Joni Ernst represent? Obviously, the NRA and the powerful, wealthy, corrupt, Koch Brothers. Ernst said in late August: the exposure to this group and to this network and the opportunity to meet so many of you-that really started my trajectory. (Des Moines Register).

Do the Koch Brothers believe they can manipulate the electorate and a puppet surrogate with their tainted greenbacks? Iowans, please pull the Red Wool off your face and replace it with beatific Blue Cloth! There`s a hungry, angry She-Wolf underneath those crimson cloaks!

You may have heard about that little ruckus at Iowa State last night; a group of Occupy Wall Street-like protesters began chanting: Joni Ernst does not represent Iowans, and she is a puppet of the Koch Brothers! Like some sort of Nazi propaganda rally, Joni assembled a goon squad of hefty frat boys, members of Alpha Gamma Rho, toss these patriotic young people out of the hall. (Mother Jones)

TOUGH BOY JONI ERNST, ROUGH-HOUSE BOUNCER BROWN SHIRTS, making sure she`s not interrupted, while she makes up a bunch of malarky about how she`ll help Iowans! I`m sure glad it was caught on tape; I hope millions of Iowans, before they cast their precious votes, fully comprehend how Ernst shows her True Colors - Joni thinks bullying is okay and she`ll use brut force to shut anybody up who disagrees with her folkie, fake spiel. 

I`m glad this incident occurred the night before the election! Joni believes in martial law, not free speech or open democracy! Here`s the danger of her occupying a senate seat; will there be another Ferguson in Iowa? Yes, and maybe several if this lady wins. 

This is a miracle for Bruce Braley, who has had a number of bad breaks in the heated fall campaign (ChickenGate is the most ridiculously minor incident, meaning nothing, ever witnessed by this author). Here`s what`s important: Braley wants to raise minimum wage, while Ernst wants to eliminate the federal minimum wage; Joni is so extreme, she wants to abolish the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Education (yea, that`s what I said). [] 

Then, she wants to partially privatize Social Security, which makes me practically suffer from cardiac arrest, as it should to all Iowans! As far as firearms go, should we expect Joni to take her beloved handgun with her to the senate? What if the government tries to take her baby away from her during meetings? Will she shoot federal police officers dead to protect her 2nd Amendment rights? Wouldn`t it be easier if Iowans just elected Bruce Braley, who still retains an iota of civility and concern for ordinary people living in Iowa.