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Published:November 5th, 2014 12:03 EST

Giant Fatberg Located in London Sewer: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Sewer cleaners in London said they cleared a  `fatberg` composed of items including food, sanitary products and condoms.


Thames Water officials said the fatberg beneath Whitehall measured 66 feet long and blocked the more than 6-foot-wide pipe.

The blockage was mostly made up of food from restaurants and bars, but items discovered in the congealed mess also included nail polish containers, wet wipes, condoms, sanitary products and pieces of wood."


A fatberg is created when clueless people pour fat and oil down the sink, it doesn`t magically disappear it congeals into huge masses of devil`s stew that block sewer systems.

Busting up a fatberg is perhaps the most thankless job in the world, the sewers cleaners who cleared this fatberg should be treated to one of the world-class restaurants located above this section of the sewer.

A congealed mass of dirty diapers, used condoms, plastic bags, feces, oil and grease isn`t a pretty picture, but it perfectly depicts the worst aspects of our capitalist society. Wake up and smell the sh**!

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