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Published:November 7th, 2014 15:15 EST
Mercy's Hungry to Learn But Starved Without Lunch

Mercy's Hungry to Learn But Starved Without Lunch

By SOP newswire2

Mercy is hard at it! She`s top of her class at Ribui School tucked in a poor rural valley in Kenya. She`s got her eyes set on college!

Can you imagine? Mercy, 7-years old, sits all day with an empty belly, giving it her all. You see, there is no lunch program at her school; the community is simply too poor. Many parents refuse to send their kids to school at all because they don`t want their little ones to go hungry all day.

When we discovered Mercy and her 230 classmates, we said What? No way! We are going to get you that school lunch program and keep kids in school. You see, we know a "bucket load` of great people who would love to give kids like you a chance to learn! "

It`s true! We are a small but mighty team of volunteers smitten with these little ones. And we will make sure every dollar you give goes straight to feeding these kids. 

Project made possible through Global Room for Women and Madre
with additional help from Ripples International.