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Published:November 7th, 2014 11:52 EST
Pakistani Minister to Persecute Parents for Refusing Vaccination

Pakistani Minister to Persecute Parents for Refusing Vaccination

By Ernest Dempsey

The Health Minister of Sindh province, Pakistan, has reportedly announced persecuting parents who refuse polio vaccination to their children.

Sindh Health Minister, Jam Mehtab Hussain Dahar, was quoted saying that if parents in Sindh who have come from another province refuse to cooperate with the polio vaccination teams and get their children vaccinated, they will be expelled from Sindh and sent back to the province they belong.

Dahar`s attitude not only reflects dictatorship as is apparent from his statement, but it is prejudiced against families of other provinces. Vaccination is not a law and should not be a law to impose on people. There is no guarantee that vaccine will prevent a disease and there is evidence that polio vaccination is not safe; it is potentially crippling for some children.

Ironically, Mr.  Dahar belongs to Pakistan Peoples Party " which has usually stood for democracy, dialog, and service of people. His statement goes against the policy of tolerance that his party has exhibited over the years.

And more interestingly, he is a medical doctor by qualification, as shows his online profile. But then polio vaccination is big money and the world Health Organization has singled out Pakistan for imposing its risky vaccination agenda by intimidation. And ministers like Dahar as well as the administration of Pakistan are part of this business.