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Published:November 7th, 2014 11:01 EST

Shoshana Roberts Ignites Controversy With Catcalling Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The whole topic of street harassment and catcalling has been big in the news in recent weeks, and for good reason. . .


One man who definitely has his head screwed on straight though is US blogger, radio host and comedian, Elon James White.

And on Sunday, Elon decided to turn the tables on the whole debate with the twitter hashtag#DudesGreetingDudes "


Some examples of #DudesGreetingDudes tweets:

Ayy bro, sick tank! You`re looking mad swole today. How much do you bench? What, `go away`? Why you gotta be that way?

Slow down and talk to me fam. I don`t mean no harm. I`m just trying to see how wet that jumper is.

Dude, smile. You look more manly when you smile.

Damnnnn bruh you WEARING that Bluetooth

Having dudes greeting dudes with suggestive catcalls might be a gay man`s wet dream, but it`s certainly not turning the tables on the catcalling controversy.

Turning the tables would be women whistling at and complimenting men on their good looks as they walk down the street.

My guess is that 99 out of 100 men would be delighted if a woman whistled at them.

If somebody makes a video of men catcalling men, they should have a good lawyer on retainer, because violence would surely ensue. Such a video wouldn`t illustrate the harm in objectifying women, it would only serve to prove that homophobia is alive and well.

Women shouldn`t be subjected to lewd or crude remarks as they walk the streets, they should be able to enjoy a leisurely stroll without being harassed.

However they shouldn`t get their panties in a twist if a dude smiles approvingly, gives them a thumb up, or makes an innocuous remark.

Can we all just get along? Let`s call a truce in the war between the sexes!

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