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Published:November 8th, 2014 11:21 EST

Airline Passenger Films UFO Flying Over Iran: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A passenger on board a commercial airliner has caught some astonishing footage of a disc-shaped UFO flying underneath their plane.


The aircraft was flying over Iranian airspace at the time and as yet there`s been no word from any government or organisation claiming it to be theirs."

Huffington Post

I can understand extraterrestrials being interested in ancient Persia which was a Mecca of literature, medicine, philosophy and art, but no alien worth his salt would give a fig about the modern Iranian theocracy which is a monument to intolerance, ignorance and stupidity.

The so-called UFO is probably an Israeli drone, the Iranians don`t have the technical expertise to build a drone of their own.

When I fly I don`t even glance out the window, I`m more concerned that one of my fellow passengers might be an Islamic terrorist.

I take exception to the Huffington Post writer characterizing this video as "astonishing", it`s just a run-of-the-mill blurry UFO video.

Is it a UFO Mothership? Judge for yourself!

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