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Published:November 9th, 2014 11:31 EST

Keira Knightley's Topless Photo: Female Empowerment and Girl Power

By Robert Paul Reyes

"After looking at actress Keira Knightley`s artful topless photo in Interview magazine, I experienced a little body image boost. Knightley chose to flaunt her underendowed, uneven breasts to make a point: Using Photoshop to edit celebrity bodies perpetuates the myth that beauty equals perfection.


She wants the world to see that she`s not perfect, and maybe women will feel a little better about their own imperfections."

Boston Globe

Usually when we see an image of a topless celebrity it`s the result of "accidental" wardrobe malfunction or a hacker`s handiwork.

Whether it`s a celeb exploiting and objectifying her own body for fame, or a hacker doing so for money, it`s despicable when women are reduced to body parts.

Focusing on female`s boobs and ass is a deliberate and calculated attempt to make us forget that she has a brain.

Keira Knightley struck a powerful blow for female empowerment by posing topless for Interview magazine. Her asymmetrical and non-silicon enhanced breasts are a picture of a successful woman brimming with self-confidence. It`s the intelligence in her eyes that captures our attention, and her non-photo shopped breasts serve to make her more endearing and approachable.

In architecture and art I place a high premium on symmetry, but in a human being I find asymmetry interesting, captivating and yes sexy. It`s always the woman with uneven eyebrows or a crooked smile that captures my imagination.

Knightley has demolished the myth that beauty is synonymous with perfection; it`s the physical flaws and imperfections that highlight the beauty of the human soul.

Knightley has performed a valuable community service by posing topless in all her human glory, our daughters stand to benefit by her courageous act.

You Go Girl!

Beautiful topless photograph of Keira:

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