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Published:November 10th, 2014 14:49 EST

Viral Video: Dog Teaches Clueless Baby How to Jump

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Dakota the Border Collie pounces on baby Alexis` shadow as she hangs in her Jolly Jumper, prompting her to copy her pup pal and join in the hopping fun."


The New York Daily News

You can`t teach an old dog a new trick, but an ageing pooch can teach a baby a new trick.

Babies have porridge for brains; they are basically helpless and clueless oxygen thieves.  Alexis the baby couldn`t quite get the hang of her new Jolly Jumper swing, no surprise there the only thing babies can master is pooping, belching and farting.

But the family dog, Day, started jumping in front of her on her shadow to show how it`s done, the dim-witted baby finally figured out the trick to bouncing, and they had a fabulous time together.

Parents for God`s sake adopt a puppy from your local animal shelter; he will help you cope with the unbelievable stress of raising a monster, err a baby.

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