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Published:November 11th, 2014 14:04 EST
Was Chase Merritt Ever Really a Legitimate Business Partner to Joseph McStay, at Earth Inspired Products?

Was Chase Merritt Ever Really a Legitimate Business Partner to Joseph McStay, at Earth Inspired Products?

By John G. Kays

I heard the mesmerizing news of Chase Merritt`s arrest last Friday (November 7, 2014), when exiting a movie at the Bee Cave`s Galleria Cinemark; my reactions were multitudinous, bridging the gap from shock, to disbelief, then mutating suddenly to I told you so (elsewhere-wise, also)

Since Friday`s shocker, my past thoughts of what ultimately became of the de-materialized McStays, have raced a Thousand Light Years from Home, through my impressionable brain, as well as some newer ones (con-structural fantasies), that don`t differ too terribly from my original theoretically-laced brainstorms, conjured at a time when we didn`t know who their killer was, and, I might add, before we even knew the family of four had, in reality, been murdered (although most of us suspected as much).

This feeling that they weren`t murdered, was due, I might remind you, to the authorities (San Bernardino County Sheriff`s Office) saying there wasn`t any evidence of foul play at the McStays (mysteriously abandoned) brand new, stately, Fallbrook home (a suburb of San Diego, California). As such, and since my copious notes and McStay research files are unobtainable, frozen in storage, I thought I`d just jot down some random raw thoughts for you today, before they`re eaten away by the ravenous jaws of time, or depleted of clairvoyant memory.

I do know you are well-versed on the available published facts, as they have been reported over the past four years (and nine months), so this knowledge makes me more confidant to project my thoughts in a more philosophical, abstract fashion, as I think back on how this case was handled, how the media honed in on it with wolf-like hunger, and even how I see the murderer, Chase Merritt`s sagacity when reacting, as he thought of cunning ways to get away with the crimes, once he realized how he could manipulate the media into believing he was innocent. 

We have to admit, Chase is one hell of an actor and one hell of a cold-blooded, carnivorous reptile, as he delivers some lines about what a good friend he was to poor, Joseph McStay (most charismatic to all of us). One wonders whether Joseph was starting to have second thoughts about his supposed business partner, there in the early days of 2010, before his deepest suspicions showed there horrific face (at home, February 4th, 2010). 

As I said, I`m treading the unknown, which is a layer of thin ice, since what we do know is so sketchy and insubstantial. The moment I gravitate back to earth, sticking more to factual threads, I have a phantasm of Chase driving the McStay Isuzu Trooper down to the border (San Ysidro) and parking it; then, of course, he wiped her down meticulously, being the professional that he was (too bad he wasn`t caught on tape).

Okay, so what allowed them to finally arrest Merritt? What is the physical evidence obtained, that is good enough to charge him with 4 homicides? After the bodies were found last November, how were detectives able to re-evaluate the crime scene (the eerie, jettisoned home [rendered more ghostly when you watch the McStay home videos], we`ve been staring at for the past nearly 5 years). 

So, I have to flashback to that luncheon at Rancho Cucamonga; this is the time, I sense, when Chase decided he would kill these people. It has to be this way! What was his motive? An 830 K Saudi Arabian contract, I fathom! Would Chase get any of the money, if he killed The McStays? No, but this is what`s made me realize, this was a crime of passion; the outrage was so great, and Chase would see very little of the money anyway, so he just went with a murderous feeling, that ATE HIM ALIVE: if he couldn`t have a fair share of the money, then neither would The McStays

He`d do all the hard work, making the beautiful, custom-designed fountains, then would only receive a retail payment for his efforts. Chase became unhinged, and transformed to a homicidal maniac! Total animal, killing two children, Summer, then his semi-business partner, the charming, talented, Joseph McStay! Chase was merely a blue-collar, contracted laborer, Joe was vastly successful, living the American Dream! Here`s the key.

Joe had everything Chase could only dream of having; therein lies his true motive: sheer envy. JEALOUSY POSSESSED HIM! How`d he do it? Exactly when did he do it? How`d he cover it up? A neighbor`s surveillance camera captures the Trooper pulling away from their house at a quarter to 8 PM, approximately (2/04/`10). Hold on to your seats tightly, but might it have been Chase taking the bodies out of the house? 

Moreover, did he use Joseph`s cell phone to call himself 30 minutes later, establishing a makeshift alibi, that gets refined as time passes. The cleaning up of the crime scene must have been consummate, what with the removal of the bodies, and with the remnants of blood vanishing. So what did the detectives find, that yet lingered there, afterwards (indelible deposits of culpability)? 

Did they use luminol for blood tracings? How did they confirm these killings were death by bludgeoning? Here goes my best shot for motive! Was Chase ever really Joseph`s business partner, or rather, was he only a contracted craftsman for the fountains. Once he noticed Joe stood to gain nearly a million dollars, and he would get a mere assemblage fee, he became enraged (that`s putting it mildly!)! 

This might explain why I`ve always meticulously examined photos of the Haunted Fallbrook Domicile; the empty abode has always whispered softly to me, but I couldn`t make out its chilling, confessional words: REDRUM REDRUM! *(I promise, more lucid penning(s) to come, once I can come down off the intoxicating drug ingested, after nearly 5 years of deep-pondering and infatuation, regarding The McStay Mystery [which still persists])!