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Published:November 12th, 2014 10:04 EST

'Wheel of Fortune' Meltdown! Pat Sajak Walks Out on Horse Freaks! Video

By Robert Paul Reyes


"For some reason, last night`s Wheel of Fortune episode was full of horse-loving contestants. They love horses so much that simply the letters `n` and `g` will make them think of horses.


After the second horse-related answer, a flummoxed Pat Sajak simply walked off the set, before wandering back and yelling at these horse freaks: WHO SAID ANYTHING ABOUT A HORSE?! "


Pat Sajak is usually cool and unflappable, but he blew his lid in last night`s Wheel of Fortune episode that featured equine-obsessed contestants.

Pat was so flabbergasted that his toupee flew off his head, buzzed members of the audience, before it settled back on his noggin. (Sorry, now I`m the one horsing around.)

This was not a horse-themed show, and Sarah Jessica Parker wasn`t a celebrity co-host, so why in God`s name did the contestants try to solve the puzzle with horse-related answers?

I know that there will be at least one ass who will fire an email complaining that a host fake-walking off the set in mock outrage and coming back isn`t news.  

By God it is news, the brilliant Sajak was mocking the mock outrage that`s ubiquitous on the Internet, while at the same time taking a sly dig at Sarah Jessica Parker.

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